What You Can Do About Facebook's Decline in Organic Reach

Facebook’s Organic Reach is in Decline: Why? What Can I Do?

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We have all seen the consistent decrease in organic reach on Facebook in the past year. Overall, the decline is due to three factors: content, competition and relevancy.

There is now more content being created than there is time to read it. According to Facebook, “On average, there are 1,500 stories that could appear in a person’s News Feed each time they log onto Facebook.” For those that are especially active and have a lot of friends, this number could reach upwards of 15,000 potential stories.

Due to this fact, there is now greater competition for businesses on Facebook. In addition to the increasing amount of content, the total number of Facebook Pages liked by an average user grew more than 50% just last year.

The News Feed algorithm also plays a big part in how your stories are consumed by fans. Facebook uses thousands of factors to determine which stories are most relevant to a particular user. Of the 1,500+ stories a person might see when they log onto Facebook, the News Feed displays approximately 300. Defining what content is most useful and relevant to your Facebook fans is a key component to increasing your chances of being one of those 300 stories.

This overall decrease in organic reach is not going to stop. Organic page reach is projected to drop to 1% or less. An important tip to help your page survive is to make sure you have specific goals for your Facebook page and use Facebook Ads to target users that will help achieve these objectives.

For additional information on Facebook Organic Reach, as well as Facebook Ads, check back with our blog soon.

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