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Facebook’s Re-Targeting Gets Even Better

Facebook’s Re-Targeting Gets Even Better

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We are big fans of Facebook advertising because we know it works! Now the social site is giving its advertisers more data and a greater ability to retarget in-market consumers.

Facebook’s latest enhancement to custom audiences now includes engagement based audiences to retarget consumers based on how they have engaged with your ad content. This new feature is particularly useful for campaigns leveraging Facebook’s Lead Generation ads which collect user information in-stream while they’re still on Facebook – – they don’t have to click to your website to fill out a form. Until recently, you had no way to retarget people who had clearly expressed interest in an offer or particular service. Now you can build a custom audience out of three options: all people who engaged with your form; only those who have submitted your form; and only those who have opened but not submitted.

When you partner with Digital Air Strike™ we can combine this new data from Facebook with our proprietary targeting to reach new clients, sequence additional ads based on users’ actions, and more.  Contact your Client Advocate to learn more about highly-targeted, low-cost Facebook advertising.

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