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Foursquare Wants You to Check-in with Swarm

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This week, Foursquare announced that they will be releasing a new app called Swarm. Swarm is looking to take over the ‘fun’ gaming and social aspects that were the driving force behind Foursquare – essentially separating the two apps into fun and functionality.

With this change, Foursquare is hoping to focus more on becoming an intelligent discovery app that can supply users with personalized results, and that their intuitive technology will have users choosing them as their go-to for discovering new places.

Based on the app’s database of over 6 billion check-ins, they do appear to have the capability to give users a more personalized experience. For example, if a user visits three different dealerships, Foursquare will suggest similar locations that are nearby, allowing your business to be seen by potential customers.

The new version of Foursquare, as well as its new app, Swarm, will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more details as they are announced.

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