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What Goes Around…Carousel Ads Come to Twitter

What Goes Around…Carousel Ads Come to Twitter

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If you’ve been in social marketing for any length of time, you know that Facebook and Twitter regularly update their ad offerings to keep up with each other and meet the needs of advertisers. One of the big innovations that Twitter brought to the table first was the lead-gen card. It didn’t take long for Facebook to develop their own 2-tap lead capture solution for advertisers – our clients love the Facebook lead generation ad campaigns we run for them.

The latest “us too” feature addition is Twitter’s Promoted Tweet Carousel. Instagram and Facebook have had carousel ads for over a year, but Twitter’s implementation is a bit different. In addition to promoting tweets with brand images, videos, and messaging, advertisers can include tweets by others in their carousel. This adds an element of social media reputation not present in the Facebook/Instagram carousels.

Here are a few examples of how this might be used:
• A brand can show the product in one frame, describe it in the next, and then show the tweet of a real-life happy customer.
• A brand running a hashtag campaign can highlight a hand-picked selection of their favorite submissions in a way that seems very organic and “twittery.”
• A business/dealer group can promote an image from each of its locations’ accounts with a tweet about an offer.

You might be worried that it could be pricey if people happen to go through and like or retweet multiple tweets in your ad, but Twitter says you will only be charged for the first action taken in the ads. That can wind up netting you some “twofer” benefits when someone really resonates with your ad content. And with the ability to use up to 20 tweets, the possibility for multiple actions is real.

Competition between social networks is good for advertisers, as it means they keep making new tools for us to reach people. Things change frequently, and Digital Air Strike™ is happy to stay on the cutting edge for our clients.

What do I need to know about these ads?
• You can promote multiple tweets in a single side-scrolling ad unit
• Can use images, videos and text-only tweets
• You can include other users’ (influencers, customers, etc.) content with their permission

When are Twitter Promoted Tweet Carousel Ads a good fit for my business?
• Your audience includes avid Twitter users
• Your product is visually compelling
• Your business generates positive user-generated tweets
• You or your agency partner have experience managing social advertising campaigns

How can Digital Air Strike Help?
• We can build a social advertising strategy that gets the right messaging in front of your audience on the right social network
• We can handle all the creative development or partner with your team
• Our reporting and client advocates help tell the story behind the numbers and show the value we provide

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