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Gold Coast Cadillac Leverages Digital Air Strike Technology for Swift After-Hour Lead Response

Gold Coast Cadillac Leverages Digital Air Strike Technology for Swift After-Hour Lead Response

Gold Coast Cadillac, the leading Cadillac dealer in the U.S. in Oakhurst, NJ, needed an automated after-hours lead response solution. Specifically, the dealership sought a user-friendly method to nurture long-term relationships with prospects, ensuring sustained deal generation rather than letting leads grow cold.  

Gold Coast Cadillac amassed an impressive 400 new car leads and 200 used car leads within a single month by utilizing DAS’ cutting-edge lead response technology. 

“Digital Air Strike’s Response Logix is a life preserver keeping our customers buoyant!” said Bill Camastro, the operating partner with Gold Coast Cadillac.  

Gold Coast Cadillac’s team manages walk-ins, while Digital Air Strike’s Response Logix technology responds to all internet leads and automatically reactivates older prospects. 

“We can’t respond to customers 24/7 without Digital Air Strike, especially on Sundays when our store is closed because of New Jersey mandates,” Camastro said. “Since we’re closed as much as we’re open, Digital Air Strike fills those holes. The most important thing is that it keeps us top of mind with our customers 24/7.” 

The dealership employs Smart Quote, responding to all leads within minutes around the clock. This is achieved through the automated delivery of professional emails seamlessly integrated with their CRM and inventory data, providing comprehensive information about various vehicle options. 

The Smart Quote email directs recipients to a dynamic microsite tailored for each prospect, allowing them to explore payment options and browse multiple vehicles. 

Smart Follow diligently sends customized emails to prospects for up to 180 days, following a tailored schedule determined by the dealership. This strategic approach assesses whether prospects remain interested in purchasing a new vehicle. 

In a single month, DAS dispatched 3,600 Smart Follow emails to potential Gold Coast Cadillac customers and reactivated 30 sales leads that would have otherwise been marked as “lost” in the CRM. 

“With Digital Air Strike, you’ll never be without a response, and the quality of the response is polished,” Camastro said. “Response Logix provides verifiable information to more customers at all times of the day.” 

Gold Coast Cadillac’s sales team promptly receives email, text, and CRM alerts when a prospect engages with Smart Quote or Smart Follow. The team is well-positioned to follow up with these promising prospects immediately, enhancing the potential for successful sales. 

“We sold a car 170 days after receiving the original lead after our customer was re-engaged via Smart Follow,” Camastro said. “Re-engaging with a customer is the most important thing lead response technology from DAS can do.”   

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