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Google+ is Slowly…Bringing Back the Stars

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It’s starting….bring in the stars!

As we reported back in May (Google Maps Ratings Going Back to 5 Star Scale), G+ has said to heck with that Zagat score and has decided to return to the more Google Maps friendly 5-star system. Though the Zagat system will still be included for some Google searches, they finally realized, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  The initial pulse across the web is positive…finally, a G+ change people are HAPPY about!  Not to say the Zagat system had no value, but c’mon…it was all over the map…literally!

Right now, the stars are only showing on the actual G+ Local page for businesses (note the score’s MASSIVE size below) and not integrated into search and the G+ Local preview that displays in search (pictured below) nor on mobile or as part of writing a review.  Any guesses as to timing of completing the rollout?  As for us, we hope it’s seamless and happens quickly as right now, it’s confusing with three different rating styles: 5 star, 30 point Zagat and the categorizations when writing a review (poor/fair, good, very good, excellent).

Overall this looks to be a change in the right direction for Google and an impactful one for car dealers. The star system is a much more user friendly system, meaning more Google users will be utilizing these rankings in their everyday Google searches.


Star Rating

Google+ returning star rating


Map Rating

Google Maps 30 point Zagat scale

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