Google Looks to More Effectively Offer Consumers Your Offers

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October 24th 2013 – Google announces updates to their Google Offers product. The changes include an easier to navigate set up process and a performance-based pricing system, versus the free platform it was introduced as.

Why is Google looking to now collect on Google offers? Well, besides the obvious, Google is hoping to see a big uptick in Offers clicks. Google Offers was recently integrated within Google Map searches and it is safe to say, that with money now a motivating factor for Google, that they will begin delivering the Offers icon even more throughout Google search activity.

One new update to the Google Offers mobile app, is a function which allows you to save the Offers of your choosing to the “My Offers” section of the app. Then, it utilizes the GPS within your phone to notify you whenever you are close to a location where you can redeem an Offer.

Offers are becoming an even larger part of online searching. Consumers will, without a doubt, choose one place over another looking for a good deal. Make sure your dealership is prepared to update their search, review, and social sites accordingly.

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