Google's Ad Layout Changes - No Right Sidebar - Learn More!

Google’s Ad Layout Changes: What You Need to Know

Google’s Ad Layout Changes: What You Need to Know

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Google recently changed its ad layout on desktop search and is no longer showing text ads in the right sidebar. Now, as many as four ads will display above the organic listings and three text ads will show at the bottom of the page.

Google’s decision to remove the right sidebar ads has no impact on current and future tests in Knowledge Panels. When people search for a business on Google, they may see information about that business in a box that appears to the right of their search results. The information in the box, called the Knowledge Panel, can help customers discover and contact your business, which is essential.

How does this impact you? These updates are rolling out worldwide on both and its search partners who offer sidebar inventory. While it’s too early to say what impact this change will have on cost, we assume that less ad space (supply) and the number of advertisers (demand) will lead to a rise in cost in the long run.

How can DAS help? With these changes in effect, your business needs a strong organic online presence, including optimized business pages across all social and reputation sites. We can help you bring your online reputation to fruition and manage community engagement and review responses for all your sites. We can also help you leverage a social advertising strategy and choose what’s best for you through behavioral targeting based on real intent-to-purchase signals – unlike pay-per-click. With this comes less risk for click fraud and a much lower cost compared to search and display.

As Google continues to make changes, let Digital Air Strike™ help your business achieve its goals and thrive through growth, productivity, and savings. It’s #WhatWeDo.

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