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How Google’s Panda 4.0 Update Will Affect Your Business’ SEO

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Panda is an algorithm update that was first released by Google in 2011. Google often adds new features and updates to the algorithm, typically monthly.

However, Google has long stopped announcing algorithm updates publicly. Since Google decided to formally announce the new version of the Panda algorithm, it is likely that the change will produce significant results.

Panda was originally developed to decrease the visibility of low-quality content and create a better user-experience for Googlers. Panda is Google’s answer to the growing amount of spam websites that clog search results with meaningless content. The algorithm specifically looks for sites with copied content, as well as overused keywords and tags, and this new update will likely pinpoint and target these sites in a new, more sophisticated way.

Ways to keep your site from becoming mauled by the Panda:

Write your own original copy and content. Panda targets sites that have thin content that is not beneficial to users.

Use specific and targeted keywords when optimizing sites and content for SEO. Panda looks for websites and content that uses too many unrelated tags.

Use social media to create more engagement on your website. Strong engagement can keep the Panda at bay and increase your SEO ranking.

In short, don’t anger the Panda by trying to misuse search terms and keywords to increase your visibility. Create content that is relevant to your customers. Think of the searches you do and the results you want to see. What kinds of results are most useful to you as a search engine-user?

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