How to Use Social Data to Build a Successful Dealership Network

How to Use Social Data to Build a Successful Dealership Network

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With the rise of social media, car shoppers browse these platforms to get real-time updates in the automobile industry as well as do some research about a possible purchase.

The power of social media is undeniable. A recent study by Digital Air Strike proves the fact that social media platforms are a powerful marketing tool, giving us the following data:

  • 75% of car shoppers trust social media more when choosing a car dealership to visit;
  • 66% of customers claimed that they clicked on a car dealership ad on Facebook, and it influenced their decision to visit a certain car dealership’s website;
  • 84% of customers use Facebook and other social media platforms to research car dealerships and to read customer reviews.

Social media platforms can give valuable social data for car dealerships to build strong relationships with the customers and create a successful dealership network. Using social data is also an important part of a marketing campaign.

The question remains: how do you get social data and how can you use it? Let’s take a look at how to use social data for the benefit of creating a successful dealership network.

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