The Most Important Question You Can Ask Your Customers

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Your Customers

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It’s the most important question you can ask a customer: Will you recommend our business?

The answer, the Net Promoter Score®, is now included in our Review Surge™ Weekly Customer Survey Summary which shows the results gathered through our award-winning Review Surge™ technology.

The Net Promoter Score® indicates:

  • How likely your customers are to recommend your business to others
  • Is based on a scale from -100 to 100 and is a key indication of your businesses’ customer satisfaction and leading indicator of growth
  • Anything above 0 is good and anything above +50 is considered excellent

Here’s how Checkered Flag Auto Group uses NPS:
“We review our Net Promoter Score and the data we get from Review Surge™ weekly. The NPS is the first metric we can use to compare stores in our group and is a great indicator of how we are doing as a business.”
Pete Lively, VP & Dir. of Variable Operations

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