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Insta-“Stories”, Insta-Success

Insta-“Stories”, Insta-Success

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To say Instagram “Stories”, which allow users to share multiple moments from their day for a limited 24-hour period, has really “caught on” would be an understatement. The Stories feature has been available for two months and already has 100 million daily active users! So your business should be there!

The reasons for the success of Stories:

  1. Prime real estate on the app; as Stories are on the very top of user’s newsfeeds
  2. User-friendly – – which has likely helped so many people get on board so quickly
  3. Fun and interactive features have allowed users to personalize their pictures with doodles and stickers

The success of Stories shows that your business needs to be on Instagram – as plenty of consumers are already there.  As the leaders in social media, reputation management and digital engagement we can help you reach your customers on Instagram. Contact your Client Advocate today to learn about engaging even more on this growing social platform!

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