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Instagram for Business is Here!

Instagram for Business is Here!

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Businesses have become the primary source of revenue for social sites through their ad spends, so the social sites are always looking to offer more features to them.

Facebook has really capitalized on businesses looking to advertise on social and now Instagram will soon be doing the same. Instagram has begun rolling out new features that will help businesses easily connect with their customers. The new features will allow Instagram users to contact, email and get directions to a business. Instagram will also give businesses analytic information so they can identify user trends, what’s working and what’s not.

Instagram Business Analytics

For our Digital Air Strike™ clients, you benefit from knowing our team is on top of the changes and will update your sites as changes are released, and notify you should there be any new feature that requires additional information from you.

Instagram has begun rolling out the changes in waves, with the new features becoming available for large verified brands. Stay tuned for more details!

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