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Instagram Debuts A.I. Review Monitoring

Instagram Debuts A.I. Review Monitoring

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Has your business ever been harassed or offended by an angry customer on Instagram? Have no fear, new AI review monitoring is here! Nearly two millions phrases have been analyzed and reviewed to be considered inappropriate. Said phrases will automatically disappear, but remain visible to the poster. This will prevent them from numerous attempts at leaving negative commentary.

No business should be a victim of any form of bullying, so this feature offers extra reassurance. You can be certain a comment will come from a valid customer, not someone on the warpath. We are happy to see Instagram taking the step to put an end to this common issue. However, just because this new feature is available to our users, there will still be occurrences when an actual human is needed to take action.

Although Instagram’s new review monitoring technology can identify negative or slanderous keywords, negative comments or reviews that aren’t within Instagram’s terms of service can still be posted. Even though the popular social media app has a solution for harassment, other social and review sites do not. That’s where Digital Air Strike™ comes in. Our social media experts monitor, manage and respond to all comments and reviews on top social sites and let our clients know when action should be taken. Take a quick 10-minute demo to see how we do what we do – and how we can help you!

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