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Instagram Starts Rolling Out Analytics for Users

Instagram Starts Rolling Out Analytics for Users

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Some Instagram users have a new icon in their profile. In the upper right-hand corner, they’re seeing a little bar graph that takes them to a new analytics section. Called “Insights,” the analytics show location, age, and gender of your followers – along with times and days when they are most active. There’s a section which ranks your top performing posts, and you can now see more insights on individual posts too. More than just Likes, you can now view Impressions and Reach.

Instagram Analytics Metrics

Instagram introduced additional features to businesses a while back, including analytics. Now it appears they are starting to provide some of the same functionality to non-business users as well. Although, this does appear to be a soft launch. Very few users are reporting access to Insights so far, and a quick scan of the Instagram blog found no announcements about this new feature. Insights just seem to be appearing for some users, mainly Instagrammers with large followings. Curious if you have access to Insights yet? Log in to your account and navigate to your profile screen. If you see a little bar graph in the upper right-hand corner, you’re good to go. And, while you’re logged in be sure to give us a follow: @digitalairstrk. See you on Instagram!

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