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Instagram’s New Personalized Newsfeed

Instagram’s New Personalized Newsfeed

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Instagram is getting rid of the chronological newsfeed and instead changing to what Facebook does – showing best posts first.

According to Instagram’s co-founders users miss about 70 percent of posts in their newsfeeds. The new system will allow users to view the best posts, along with posts you are most likely interested in, right when you open your app.

Since Instagram’s newsfeed will now be based on interest – – not time of post – – businesses need to make sure they are posting interesting and engaging content – not the same old boring stock images – -so that your business makes it into the newsfeeds of many more. To do that, monitor for high-performing brand content, along with posting content your specific demographic is most interested in seeing. If you’re a client of DAS, we are already doing this for you.

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