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Like and Share Buttons are Helping Facebook Target Ads

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This month, the millions of Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons that have been added to web pages and mobile apps will start funneling data about people’s web browsing habits into the Facebook ad targeting systems. That means the types of sites you visit could be used to fine tune ads shown to you inside Facebook, Instagram, and mobile apps that use Facebook’s ad network.

Why Dealers Care:

  • Users don’t have to actively like, share or send something through a Facebook button for their browsing data to be captured for ad targeting; they just have to visit a page with the buttons enabled. Until now, interest-based targeting has largely been limited to what users did on Facebook itself
  • This will help Facebook combat Apple’s new ad-extensions that block ads
  • Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is set to overtake Google and Twitter as the largest display ad platform in just two years
  • Users can also tailor their preferences within their profile setting on Facebook to improve relevancy

How DAS can help:

  • Our managed services enables clients to tap into the vast advertising opportunity available from Facebook and Instagram
  • Our experience gives our clients a cost-saving advantage as we are experts in creating, targeting and re-targeting ads – – meaning clients can avoid an expensive learning curve
  • We offer a variety of service plans allowing businesses to tap into social advertising and increase their budget at any time

This latest change is another reason dealers need Digital Air Strike™. Our team is on top of all the latest features and functionality giving clients the competitive edge. If you would like more information please contact your Dealer Advocate.

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