Local App: Feedback for auto dealers now on Apple Watch

Local App: Feedback for auto dealers now on Apple Watch

Jul 31, 2015, 3:00am MST
Seen in Phoenix Business Journal – Hayley Ringle
Phoenix Business Journal

App: Digital Air Strike™ mobile app for the Apple Watch
What it does: Gives auto dealership managers and staff access to information about how customers feel the dealership is performing. It provides real-time alerts when a customer completes a survey. Dealers can engage with those customers through the Apple Watch and forward feedback internally so personnel can be recognized for positive feedback and act quickly on negative feedback.
Time to build: Two months
Cost to build: $30,000
Price: Free to Digital Air Strike™ clients
Platforms it’s available on: iOS Apple Watch, iOS for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows tablets
Creator name and company: Digital Air Strike’s product development team in Scottsdale

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