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New targeted advertising solutions promote your inventory to in-market car buyers and service customers online and on mobile wherever they go. Highlight your holiday sales events, dealership specials, and more!

Sell more with Digital Air Strike’s NEW Media Solutions and get up to $1,200*.

Performance Guarantees Mean You Only Pay for the Results You Receive

NEW! VDP Power Social: Highly-targeted Facebook carousel ads highlight your inventory and direct in-market car buyers to your dealership VDPs – generating double opt-in clicks. You pay for only the traffic we deliver to your website VDPs!

NEW! Power Lead Driver: Advertise your inventory across the web to deep-in-the-funnel car buyers looking to buy. Get guaranteed leads based on dealership inventory size.

NEW! Power Display: Promote your inventory to in-market car buyers across the internet wherever they go – online and on mobile. Includes GeoFence targeting at MLB, NFL, NHL, and NCAA games as well as other major concerts and events. Get guaranteed ad views.

*3-month term and Platform Creation required. Value of gift card is based on contract term: $lOO for each month up to $1,200 for 12 months.

Protect Your Marketing Budget & Insure All of Your Advertising Dollars

Reputation Management: Use Mobile Review Surge’s text messaging technology to requests reviews from your happiest customers and instantly generate more 5-star reviews and leads.

24/7 Lead Capture: Capture and convert your leads with Response Path’s AI-powered intelligent messaging on your website. Ask and answer qualifying questions, capture contact information, and move sales and service leads closer to purchase. Includes CRM integration.

After-hours Lead Response: Response Logix Night Watch emails all after-hours leads a multi-vehicle price quote and custom microsite in 10 minutes so car buyers can shop your inventory and find the right vehicle and payments right for them.

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