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New Facebook Feature: Rate These Places

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Facebook has quietly introduced a new feature that will make every business owner and review site on the Internet take notice.  As of today, users are able to rate Facebook Places using a 5 star system.


Hovering over each star reveals the description associated with it.

  • 1 star = Hate it
  • 2 stars = Don’t like it
  • 3 stars= Like it
  • 4 stars = Really like it
  • 5 stars = Love it!

At this time, rating a Place does not show up on the reviewer’s Timeline or Activity Log nor does it appear on the Places page.   Keep in mind it is still early but we are confident that this activity is destined for top billing on the Timelines of users and business pages alike.   We think Facebook is waiting to gather enough ratings so when they release it prominently there will be enough data to be useful.

As we mentioned earlier, the rating system is being rolled out quietly.  In order to find it, go to a friend or business’ Timeline and locate a post/status update. The “Rate These Places” option doesn’t display in photo albums yet.  Next, click on the date:


In the right-hand column where you normally see ads, you’ll see 1 to 4 places to rate.  If you do not, refresh the page a couple times.  We have observed that the Places shown to you for rating are all locations you’ve checked-in to or Liked.

What does this mean for your dealership?

Likes and check-ins are more important than ever.  You want customers to engage with your dealership’s page so you can keep your posts in their Timeline.  With this new rating system, customers connected to your business page will now have the option to express their opinion about your dealership.  Facebook won’t keep these ratings low key for long.  You can bet that these reviews are going to be in front of your customers and their friends via news-feeds, Timelines, and sponsored stories.

Dealerships must take these ratings seriously.  Facebook is leapfrogging other review sites by taking the review site model personal.   Whereas traditional review sites have strangers providing their opinions about a business, Facebook has taken word-of-mouth marketing and super-charged it with endorsements from actual friends.

We’ll keep you informed of any new developments.  Make sure to stop by again for more automotive social media marketing news and information.

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