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New Features Revealed for Instagram Stories

New Features Revealed for Instagram Stories

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Instagram recently rolled out new features to its new and popular Stories. Stories disappear after 24 hours, so they’re a great way to add spontaneous content to your Instagram account without having it take up space in your carefully curated gallery of photos. We wrote about this feature in September. Click here for a refresher.

When Stories first launched, there wasn’t much to differentiate it from a Snapchat knockoff, but a few months and 100 million daily active viewers later we’re seeing some features that help set Stories apart. The new features include built-in Boomerang functionality, the ability to tag people, and for Verified accounts the option to add links.

Boomerang offers the ability to create fun, looping micro-videos. We recently featured our Election Day donuts – – so obviously the videos are about personality not necessarily product.  With the new Instagram updates, the Boomerang functionality is now built right into Stories. Plus, if you have anyone you want to tag in your Stories, you can now mention them with the “@” symbol, which will pull up a list of your frequent contacts.

You need to be a Verified user (have a blue checkmark by your name) to use links in Stories, so that feature won’t apply to most of us. However, that functionality may trickle down to everyone at some point, and if so, it could be a great way to promote your brand directly from Stories – allowing people to tap on the link to visit your site from within the Instagram app.

Stories continue to grow in popularity, and the new additions demonstrate Instagram’s commitment to evolving the feature. If you’re using Instagram for your business, “Stories” is a good place to experiment with more impromptu, casual type posts that show a personal side to your company – which in turn may resonate with your followers even more. Think about highlighting the opening of a new movie, the new car models arriving, the recognition of a great employee. The ideas are endless!

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