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4th of July Special Offer

Digital Air Strike promotes what you have and helps you get what you need with Amazon OTT streaming ads & Power Text text blasts.

“2 Power Text Messages Resulted in 96+ Trade-ins!”

Get 20% off when you partner with Digital Air Strike for Amazon Streaming Ads + Power Text.

Offer ends July 1, 2021

Ad Targeting with Amazon First-Party Data

  • Promote trade-in specials, buy back offers and new car incentives to in-market consumers streaming top shows, hit movies and live sports.
  • Advertise your inventory and dynamically update vehicles in the ad.
  • Leverage Amazon insights to reach consumers based on zip code, credit score, previous vehicle purchases, shopping behavior and more.

Dynamic Inventory Integration

  • Digital Air Strike automatically integrates your current inventory and pricing into your video ads shown to your highly-targeted audience during streaming shows and live sports
targeted advertising OTT

Unparalleled Ad Viewership Across a Huge Streaming Audience

  • Streaming video ads play full screen during shows and sporting events including NFL and college football, and top shows like Mad Men, and Parks & Recreation
  • Video ads reach targeted viewers and play full screen during top shows and live sports, can’t be skipped, and deliver a 97% completion rate
targeted advertising OTT

Did You Know?

Only 1 in 5 emails is ever opened, but 95% of text messages are
read within 3 minutes!

Deliver updates and offers to all customers by text message with Response Path Power Text MMS.

Don’t Forget the Power of Text Messaging

With 91% of Americans having their mobile device within reach 24/7, MMS messaging creates another great way to engage with your customers

  • Send text messages promoting your special offers to 1000s of your contacts.
  • Include eye-catching GIFs, images and videos to ensure your message is read.
  • All responses and lead information is captured in a single inbox for fast and efficient follow-up.
Don’t Forget the Power of Text Messaging

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