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Nissan sells car using Twitter!

Nissan sells car using Twitter!

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A dealership did what on Twitter?

A Nissan dealership in Spain recently sold a car using Twitter for the first time! A local customer had tweeted a hashtag “buy a car on Twitter”, The dealer responded with a couple of options for purchase. The customer then went back on Twitter to ask his followers via poll (a free Twitter feature) which car he should buy, and the rest is history!

As social media experts, we have used Twitter as a way to connect buyers and customers to complete a purchase via Twitter. We have even been able to take negative comments tweeted from a specific customer and resolve the situation, as we are constantly monitoring all social sites.

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We congratulate the dealership in Spain for jumping into the Twittersphere to find new customers! We have seen this MULTIPLE times over our years of helping dealerships engage with their community on Twitter. In fact, we even helped a dealership sell two cars to a Twitter employee leveraging Twitter!

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Let our team help you find those diamonds in the rough on Twitter with our crowdsourcing solution. We can save your team from sifting through thousands of tweets every day and let them focus on taking care of the customers that are ready to buy!

To learn more about community engagement and crowdsourcing on Twitter, contact your Client Advocate!

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