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Optimizing Customer Review Collection: Best Practices and DAS Solutions

Optimizing Customer Review Collection: Best Practices and DAS Solutions

Optimizing Customer Review Collection: Best Practices and DAS Solutions

Every consumer study emphasizes the significance of customer reviews. High-star ratings on Google and Facebook and reviews on dealer sites like Edmunds and DealerRater are critical. However, the challenge lies in collecting positive reviews while limiting negative ones. Here’s how our DAS solutions tackle this issue.

Enhanced Filtering Through Surveys

One critical differentiator that has served as the foundation of our review-collection practices is our review surveys, powered by our automated review process. Not to be confused with the CSI surveys your OEM sends out, these surveys serve as a filtering mechanism toward a solid online reputation. Ninety-five percent of car shoppers said dealership reviews impacted which dealership they visited when shopping for a vehicle, according to our 10th annual Automotive Customer Experience Trends Study.

Our automated review process begins by pulling transaction data from your DMS to identify which consumers should receive a survey. Customers with good things to say about their sales or service experience are directed to Google to leave a review. Customers who indicate having a negative experience represent your chance to solve their problem before it becomes a negative review.

When we handle this process through text messaging, we refer to the process as our on-demand surveys. Either way, we allow you to configure the message delivered to your customers.

We’ve also revamped our Google Smart Surveys to minimize the clicks and effort to post a positive Google review. Now, Google recognizes when your customers are logged in and immediately opens a review page when they submit a positive survey.

QR Code-Powered Review Collection

Getting more positive reviews was the thinking behind our on-demand review generation process, which allows a service manager or salesperson to act as the filtering mechanism. If they believe they have a happy customer, this solution enables them to text a review link.

That link takes customers to a landing page with a thank-you message and links to multiple review sites. The customer selects where they want to leave their positive review.

We’ve made that process even simpler with the addition of QR codes. That means a service advisor can post a QR code to their workstation and immediately capitalize on an opportunity to capture a positive review without logging into the system (i.e., Mission Control). Every review captured through that QR code gets logged into your dealership’s Mission Control Dashboard for tracking purposes.

Improve Your Online Reputation Today

By optimizing your review collection processes with DAS solutions, you can enhance your online reputation, attract more customers, and ultimately drive better business results.

Contact your Client Advocate to learn more about our streamlined methods for enhancing your online reputation, or complete this form to schedule a product tour today.

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