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Quick Wins from Dealerships During COVID-19

Dealerships around the country are finding new ways to sell and service, streamlining their processes, and using new technology during COVID-19. We’re sharing some good news from dealers, their new strategies, and the results they’re getting. They’ll work for your store too! 

You won’t believe the dealership that hesitantly tried one solution at the end of the day, and before he opened the store the next morning, had already sold two cars from it.

We’ll show you all the ways technology is making a huge difference for dealerships during the lockdown. Real Dealers. Real Results! Don’t miss out!

Proven Fixed Ops Strategies During COVID-19

Service lanes across the country remain open during the pandemic. To keep your service drive busy, messaging right now is of critical importance, both what you say and how it’s delivered.

Join our free webinar and learn the proven Fixed Ops strategies that will make all the difference right now, and even after COVID-19.

Larry Hourcle, Head of Service Training at NADA Dealer Academy and Erica Sietsma, COO at Digital Air Strike, will discuss everything from Google My Business listings and paid advertising to service schedulers, video and texting strategies that will give a much needed boost to your Fixed Operations and keep your service bays full.

Top Tips for Dealerships to Provide a 5-Star Customer Experience During COVID-19
The way people shop has shifted rapidly in these last few weeks with consumers needing to do most, if not all, of their transactions from home. That’s required a quick shift for many dealerships to find new ways to communicate with customers virtually.

Adding video, automation, social media and AI helps dealers deliver their message: they’re open (even if just for service), they’re safe, and they deliver.

Watch our free webinar to learn how Virtual Retailing is helping dealers continue to build their pipeline, operate, sell and service during the pandemic.

Proven Fixed Ops Strategies during Covid-19
Service lanes across the country remain open during the pandemic. To keep your service drive busy, messaging right now is of critical importance, both what you say and how it’s delivered.

Join our free webinar and learn the proven Fixed Ops strategies that will make all the difference right now, and even after COVID-19.

Larry Hourcle, Head of Service Training at NADA Dealer Academy and Erica Sietsma, COO at Digital Air Strike, will discuss everything from Google My Business listings and paid advertising to service schedulers, video and texting strategies that will give a much needed boost to your Fixed Operations and keep your service bays full.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page During COVID-19
Things have certainly changed and if your listing on the first page of Google search results (your Google My Business profile) hasn’t been updated or optimized, you’re missing a huge opportunity at crucial FREE digital messaging. A well-optimized Google My Business listing is critical to online visibility and showing up in local search results. According to Google, businesses with complete and accurate GMB listings get 7x more clicks and are 50% more likely to lead to a purchase. It’s also a great way to share your COVID-19 response plan, share videos, highlight specials, promote your community involvement and so much more.

If you want to learn the GMB Optimization strategy you should be implementing right now, then you can’t afford to miss this webinar.

Great Tips From Dealerships Across the Country During COVID-19
We’re sharing new ideas that dealerships across the U.S. are using to reach their customers, sell, and service during the pandemic that will likely work for your store too! Learn about innovative solutions and successful strategies that dealerships are using now and the results they’re getting. You won’t believe the dealership offer on social media that got close to 300 comments! We’ll show you how texting, social media, video, and more are making a difference for dealerships. We’ll also be sharing heartwarming stories and sweet victories from the auto industry’s front lines that will make you proud to be in the most resilient and big-hearted industry in America.
Video Best Practices & Tips That Will Help You Sell More
Over 75% of shoppers say videos have influenced their shopping habits or purchases, yet less than a quarter of businesses currently use video in their marketing, lead response, or customer communication. Video is HUGE and can be a game changer for companies that embrace it – especially right now! With social distancing keeping customers at home, video is the best way to deliver your message and build trust.

Learn all the best practices that will make your videos stand out including lighting, audio, editing, using a green screen, and most importantly: getting comfortable in front of the camera.

Help to Keep Your Dealership Open During COVID-19
Shelter in place doesn’t mean your dealership should close completely. The newly-passed CARES Act includes financial help for dealerships and their employees, and new technology and services provide opportunities for dealerships to engage with car buyers and service customers who are still doing their research online.

Watch our free webinar to get new details of the SBA loans for dealerships, strategies and technology to keep your staff working from home, why furloughing employees might be better than laying them off, and more.

The Customer Journey from the Comfort of Your Couch
So, things have changed. And the way car buyers and service customers shop has changed too. The real question is…Has your dealership evolved? Learn how virtual retailing allows consumers to conduct almost, if not all, of their dealership research, shopping and transactions online. We’ll explore the entire Path to Purchase (19 of the 24 are digital!) and point out all of the tips and tools that you can use to interact with shoppers at every step of their online buying journey.

If you want to learn how to easily stay in front of car buyers and service customers with virtual retailing…and how it can impact your bottom line…then you can’t afford to miss this webinar!

What You Should Be Doing on Search & Social Media While Social Distancing
COVID-19 has all of us being less social but more active on social media. Now’s your time to capitalize on the increased audience and use social media to communicate what your dealership is doing to #flattenthecurve while also staying top-of-mind.

Watch our free webinar to learn why there’s never been a better time to post and promote yourself on social media – plus actionable tips to get started today!

10 Ways to Use Video at Your Dealership
From vehicle walk-arounds to service order explanations, use video to communicate with customers while they’re researching, shopping and buying from home.

Watch our free webinar to get top tips and see real examples of how dealers are using video to sell and service while also practicing social distancing.

Start Video Retailing Today: Survive & Thrive During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Digital Air Strike is here to help dealers through these unpredictable times and increased health concerns with its Video Retailing Program with White Glove Service.

Digital Air Strike’s co-founder and CEO, Alexi Venneri, will explain how Video Retailing will allow consumers to do more of their research, shopping and transactions with dealerships online, plus exclusive White Glove services that support a customer’s desire for social distancing. DAS will help dealers handle more steps of prospect conversion, and even the full sales process, utilizing video. Dealers using this new strategy will help their communities by limiting continued possible exposure while still supporting local economies.

Use Video to Sell & Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Did you know that 72% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through video?

Adding video to your marketing increases customer engagement, highlights your Why Buys and turns them into Will Buys, and so much more!

Find out how you can easily leverage this channel for your dealership and get 9x more responses from customers and get top tips and new ways to use video to help you SELL MORE.

Hear What 7,000 Customers Think About Your Dealership!

Digital Air Strike just released the highly anticipated 8th Annual Automotive Digital Retailing Consumer Trends Study.

More than 7,000 car buyers and service customers took part in this extensive research that includes 100+ data points about how consumers choose a dealership, which review sites helped the most, the importance of Google and Facebook, how they feel about chat and ads on social, and so much more.

If you want to learn what 7,000 car buyers and service customers had to say…and how it impacts your bottom line…then you can’t afford to miss this webinar!

Tips Straight from Google About Its New Automotive Dealer Guidebook 2.0!

In this jaw-dropping webinar, Kelly McNearney, Senior Automotive Retail Strategist from Google, will discuss this highly-anticipated Google release. Google Dealer Guidebook 2.0 is an evolution of Google’s instruction manual for dealers and will show you exactly how to drive more profit from Google. This session will go through the guidebook in detail and explain best practices for dealers in Search, Video and Display Advertising. Most importantly, it will show you how to prove you’re getting the most bang for your Google buck.

Creating a Better Dealership Experience for All

The one thing all car buyers and service customers have in common is that they hate waiting. Much of that wait comes during the uncomfortable-time-for-most of negotiating pricing and finding out what interest rate they qualify for. So how can dealerships make the buying experience better for all customers – not just those with perfect credit?

Find out how dealerships are doing just that by creating buying centers, using credit reading software that understands not all 620s are created equal, and ultimately cutting deal times to just minutes.

10 Easy Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Dealership

72% of consumers prefer learning about a product or service through video, so adding video to your social sites, customer communication, even your Google search results is an easy way to better engage consumers and convert them into customers.

20 Online Resolutions to Sell More in 2020

From supercharging your Google listing with FREE features to using video more effectively, we have 20 things you need to be doing online to sell more in 2020.

Check out our free webinar to learn top tips and new strategies to make 2020 your most profitable year yet!

How to Improve Your Follow-Up Today

If your dealership is like most, your follow-up is either flawed, on auto-pilot, or completely non-existent. However, top dealers who pay attention to past prospects, use cutting-edge technology, and new processes to re-engage those old opportunities sell to almost 12% of their cold leads! You can too!

From including video to automating your process, get our top tips and see the new technologies that will help your dealership follow up the right way, increase your closing ratio, and boost your bottom line.

Important Information About Your General Motors Website!

Live from the GM Dealer Digital Summit in Buffalo NY and hear straight from Dealer Inspire, DealerOn, and about the platform options they are offering in General Motors’ NEW Dealer Website Choice program … and what it means for your dealership.

You’ll also learn about new technology and get top tips for responding to website leads better and faster, 24/7. Reserve your spot and join from a computer anywhere!

General Motors Shares Important Information About Your Website

Live from the GM Dealer Digital Summit in Rutherford, New Jersey, hear straight from General Motors about its NEW Dealer Website Choice program and what it means to your dealership. We’ll also hear from CDK about their platform options.

You’ll also learn about new technology and get top tips for responding to website leads better and faster, 24/7. Reserve your spot and join from a computer anywhere!

End-of-Year Solutions to Close 2019 with a Bang!

The last quarter of the year can be the toughest but also the most profitable months for any dealership IF you play your cards right. This free 1-hour webinar will cover the digital marketing, social media and consumer engagement strategies that can make a huge difference to your bottom line. There’s no time to wait! From new year models to end-of-year closeout sales and the holi-daze, learn the proven end-of-year solutions that you can start using immediately to help you close 2019 with a bang!

You’re On the Clock. Top Tips for Responding Better & Faster.

50% of sales and service customers say the speed at which a dealership responded to their inquiry impacted their decision to purchase with them over others. So why are you leaving your responses to chance?

4 Strategies to Help Your Clients Navigate the Digital Maze

Did you know 87% of US consumers begin their shopping journey online? With the digital era moving at lightning pace, it’s imperative that agencies keep up and evolve to match consumer behaviors. Take a deep dive into four short-term objectives that can trigger long-term brand building and hear tangible tips from experts that can help your clients sell more!

Three Top Dealers Share Their Proven Digital Retailing Strategies

Hear three successful automotive veterans as they discuss proven digital retailing strategies. Attendees of this fascinating presentation will also learn:

  • The digital retailing strategies you should be using and the pitfalls you need to avoid
  • The adoption and process problems these dealers solved with real-world examples from their stores
  • How they built new technology when they couldn’t find tools to help them successfully sell online
Reputation “A” Game – How to Get 5-Stars & New Leads

Nearly 50% of all consumers are choosing businesses and brands based on online search and reviews. Star-ratings, review responses, and many other factors play a huge role in consumer decision-making. Is your business on its reputation A-Game?

Customers Want to Text – Top Tips to Communicate Better

89% of consumers prefer messaging to phone calls or email. You could be missing leads and losing money by not allowing customers to communicate the way they prefer.

From print ads to your Google listing, get top tips for making your business easier to reach. Learn how adding A.I. manages communication from all channels, 24/7.

How to Attract Female Buyers and Sell More Cars

We’re cracking the code on car shopping behavior by gender. How do men and women approach the car shopping journey differently? Amie Lindaas of and Erica Sietsma of Digital Air Strike are teaming up to cover this eye-opening topic.

Top Dealer Reveals How to Cut Deal Times & Increase Sales

Steve Lace from Royal Automotive Group showcases the innovative Digital Retailing solutions that have helped his dealerships become pioneers in the space and the lessons learned along the way. Hear straight talk on technology, processes and people that cleared up the bottlenecks his dealerships faced and how and why he chose to implement buying centers that served prime and subprime buyers better and cut deal times from 2 hours to just 25 minutes.

Advertising 101: How to Increase Brand Awareness & Sell More

Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. In a competitive market, an advertising strategy is crucial to your dealership’s success. Build awareness and win new business by combining highly-targeted advertising campaigns with mobile ads at major sporting events and concerts, and insure your ad spend with an online reputation that sells more.

Two Automotive Superstars Share Their Secrets for Better Consumer Engagement

Unlock key consumer engagement strategies by hearing from two superstar dealers that exceed their goals every month. They have been there and done that and are now ready to share their insights on what works and what doesn’t.

Register for our free webinar to see ad solutions that are immune to accidental clicks, master new ways to reach in-market buyers, discover how A.I. can become your all-star employee and learn tricks of the trade to make your life easier and help you sell more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how you can get more 5-star reviews, reach your ideal shoppers, engage with consumers better on all channels, build customer loyalty, and much more!

Keeping the Physical Store Relevant in a Digital World
Buying a car is a sensory affair. No matter how technologically advanced we get, customers will still want to see, feel, touch, and smell their new vehicle, but they also want to do as much of the transaction as possible online. Top dealers will share strategies and campaigns they are using, including new online tools, to reduce or improve the time consumers spend in the dealership. Hear how they are influencing the customer experience and giving their stores a real competitive advantage.
Top Tips for Better Lead Response and 24/7 Sales

Almost half of all car buyers recently surveyed say the speed at which a dealer responds to their inquiries impacts whether they do business with that dealer or someone else. Today’s consumers expect responses quickly, 24/7, and most dealers don’t have the staff to meet those demands. That’s where automation and AI come in to engage consumers, respond to leads, and ultimately help dealers sell and service more vehicles.

4 Strategies that Sell on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger

Did you know 77% of sales customers are using Facebook and the average Facebook user checks the social media site eight times per day. Hear directly from Facebook’s Gabrielle Garrison about key strategies dealerships can use to leverage Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to sell more.

You’ll also find out how to segment your dealership’s marketing into four strategies to capture car buyers at every stage of their shopping journey while also measuring your results.

10 Social Media Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

Is your dealership going unnoticed on social media? If so, you’re missing a huge opportunity to reach new car buyers and service customers. Joshua Moyer, Social Media Manager for Modern Automotive Group shows how his dealerships’ social media strategies sell more. He’ll also show you 10 mistakes your dealership is probably making on social media that are impacting whether customers choose you or the competition!

Top Dealer Reveals 10 Tips for BDC & Internet Success

Automotive industry expert, Jason Cohen, BDC Director at Lithia Auto Group reveals top tips that sell.
From hiring and training, to lead response tactics, follow up and text messaging his customers – Cohen will reveal key strategies that work for his dealerships.

AI Technology Trends: What You Need to Know to Keep Up with Today’s Customers

64% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because of their ability to provide immediate answers and 24/7 service. Artificial intelligence makes chatbots smarter and allows consumers to move further down the sales funnel online and via text message.

Your Star Ratings Drive Revenue: Top Tips for Increasing Both

Your star ratings appear in search results – meaning consumers don’t have to look any further than the first page of Google to decide whether they want to do business with you. Raising your star ratings is just the first step to increasing revenue.

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