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Power Text

Deliver updates and offers to all customers by text message with Response Path Power Text.

Only 1 in 5 emails is ever opened, but 95% of text messages are
read within 3 minutes!

Response Path Power Text delivers important updates to your customers’ mobile devices.

  • Digital Air Strike creates and sends custom text messages for your business
  • Response Path AI chat engages customers who reply to the message
  • Customers can ask questions, schedule appointments, and more via text message
  • Email and text alerts notify staff every time someone responds to a text message
  • Staff can take over for the AI chatbot from any device, anywhere
  • All conversations and leads are managed from a single, easy-to-use dashboard

Response Path Power Text offers more ways to engage with consumers than other text offerings.

  • Connects to website chat
  • Connects to Facebook Messenger
  • Engages consumers interested in inventory you’re selling on Facebook Marketplace

Response Path Power Text engages your audience and lets them take immediate action.

  • Visit website
  • Call now
  • Reply now
  • Schedule appointment


“I wanted to send out texts myself but one at a time is really time consuming. Once I learned about Power Text, I got it immediately. After the first text went out, I got 300 responses and sold 4 cars.”

Andy Slaughter

General Sales Manager, Rice Toyota


“Response Path helped us increase our lead volume by 2x and automatically routed these leads to our 100+ territories. Our clients and prospects are now engaged 24/7 and clearly want to connect with us through Response Path’s A.I.-driven messaging software”

Shana Kolman

Director of Business Operations, Assisting Hands

Take a 10-minute demo today to see how Power Text can help you quickly and effectively reach your customers.