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Credit to Vehicle Matching

Prequalify customers, match vehicles to buyers, and maximize profit with Credit Logix.

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    Streamline the buying process for all customers.

    Allow car buyers to get prequalified online with Credit Logix. Create a better and faster buying process that helps all customers, including those with less than perfect credit.

    Credit Logix Smart Credit™
    Intelligent Application

    Credit Logix lets car buyers get prequalified for credit online instantly and creates the optimal deal structure for every customer. Direct integrations with DealerTrack and RouteOne and consolidated application management save time and increase accountability.

    Match Vehicles to Buyers

    Match Vehicles to Buyers

    Instantly match each customer’s unique credit profile to vehicles in your inventory they qualify for. Showcase options directly through Response Path AI chat or the Credit Logix widget on your website. Instantly improve the customers experience and cut deal times to minutes.

    Match Vehicles to Buyers
    Risk To Roll Calulator

    Risk to Roll™ Deal Structuring

    Key indicators from credit applications are highlighted to help create the optimal deal structure for every car buyer.



    “Our deals fund faster with our approval time down to just 18-23 minutes. Our average conversion for subprime buyers jumped from 30% to about 60% and most impressively our products per doubled so we were able to get these customers done and maximize the paper.”

    Royal Automotive Group

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