“A successful entrepreneur must be innovative” - Digital Air Strike

“A successful entrepreneur must be innovative”

“A successful entrepreneur must be innovative”

A successful entrepreneur must be innovative, nimble, and an option thinker, especially during times of crisis such as COVID-19.

As the co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based technology company that provides digital response, social media marketing and online reputation management solutions to auto dealers and other businesses, Alexi Venneri is always looking for ways to help the company’s 5,000-plus clients.

“Digital Air Strike helps businesses engage with consumers online with targeted ads, more 5-star reviews, custom social media marketing, patented lead response, and A.I. powered intelligent messaging.”

She also understands the importance of keeping the company’s 150-plus employees engaged and connected. Venneri’s ability to look for the opportunity in any situation makes her a successful entrepreneur and inspiring leader. She is honored to be named one of the 10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2020.

Venneri started Digital Air Strike 10 years ago during the Great Recession after she was laid off. She knew businesses needed an inexpensive way to reach consumers and was one of the first to develop tools and technology to help businesses leverage the reach of social media. Since then Venneri has led the company to develop new technology that includes lead response, AI chat, video, and targeted advertising.

Today, during the health and financial crisis of COVID-19, Venneri is finding new ways and creating new Virtual Retailing technology to help businesses engage with customers who are doing their research, shopping, and buying from home.

Through video, text messaging, artificial intelligence/automation and targeted advertising, Digital Air Strike is able to provide businesses with the needed technology to attract new customers, engage consumers, respond quickly to leads and build customer loyalty, even during a pandemic.

“Industries that haven’t traditionally offered online transactions need to adapt quickly to the new customer requirement that will likely become the general preference post pandemic,” Venneri said. “Consumers want the ability to do more online, and our Virtual Retailing solutions give businesses amazing new tools to engage with customers.”

Digital Air Strike’s Response Path AI-powered chat technology provides a concierge experience 24/7 while engaging with customers, sharing positive reviews, hours of operation and location in the messaging window. Customers can ask and get answers to questions, schedule appointments and much more, all through AI chat on a business’ website, Facebook page, and via SMS messaging.

Digital Air Strike’s team of experts monitors the business’ performance, optimizing their lead capture assistants and matching their messaging system to their specific brand. This helps businesses generate more leads and accelerate sales.

During COVID-19, communication is key, and businesses are finding consumers are more receptive to text messaging than emails or phone calls. In fact, 95% of text messages are read within three minutes. Digital Air Strike paired its Response Path AI chat with a bulk texting feature to deliver messages. When people respond, AI chat nurtures the conversations, answers questions, schedules appointments, and more.

Rice Toyota in Greensboro, North Carolina wanted one easy digital platform to handle video, automation, chat, texting and social media, especially as their showrooms were closed during COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. That’s where Digital Air Strike came in to save the day with its Virtual Retailing Program that includes Response Path bulk texting technology.

Rice Toyota sold at least 10 cars in record time, received over 200 responses from one Response Path Power Text, and had over 50 people click on the dealer’s landing page created in Digital Air Strike’s easy-to-use video technology.

Rice Toyota General Sales Manager Andy Slaughter said Digital Air Strike is a game changer for his dealership.

“It’s really helped me bring our team into this digital retail space, especially during COVID-19,” Slaughter said. “Digital Air Strike has been a tremendous help and has been the most successful thing I’ve used to keep moving forward. We’ve tried everything under the sun. This is by far the easiest. Just like those books, this is Digital Retailing for Dummies.”

Venneri believes hard work, attention to detail and never-ending boundless energy are keys to success. Her book about entrepreneurs, called “Balls!” is an acronym for brave, authentic, lovable, loud and spunky. The exclamation point stands for innovative. All entrepreneurs can use these adjectives to guide their success in their business.

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