AzBusiness Leaders 2022 - Who's Who - Influential Women - Digital Air Strike

AzBusiness Leaders 2022 – Who’s Who – Influential Women

AzBusiness Leaders 2022 – Who’s Who – Influential Women

Co-founder and CEO //Digital Air Strike//

Venneri is co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, the leading social media, intelligent
lead response and consumer engagement technology company helping more than 5,000 businesses
internationally increase consumer response and conversions in digital and social media
environments. Venneri led the company through three acquisitions in the prior 12 months and
now employs 200 people with five offices nationwide. Prior to founding Digital Air Strike, she was
president and partner in a national advertising agency and CMO for multiple start-ups.

Professional advice: “If you see any opportunity-take it. I started Digital Air Strike during a
recession in 2010 because that’s when I saw an opportunity to help businesses find innovative and
low-cost ways to reach consumers through social media.”

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