Best Social Media & Digital Engagement Company of the Year - Arizona - Digital Air Strike

Best Social Media & Digital Engagement Company of the Year – Arizona

Best Social Media & Digital Engagement Company of the Year – Arizona

Featured in Global 100 2021 magazine

Digital Air Strike helps over 7,800 businesses in the United States, Canada, and 32 additional countries leverage technology to attract, convert, and retain more customers. This has never been needed more than during the last year of the Covid pandemic as social distancing and stay-at-home measures affected every aspect of a business. Digital Air Strike helps businesses reach and engage customers online, including on social media, streaming services and devices, and wherever they spend time online.

Digital Air Strike is honored to be named the Best Social Media & Digital Engagement Company of the Year and proud to help businesses get great results by leveraging the reach and engagement of social media. Digital Air Strike has been in the consumer engagement technology space since 2010, when its co-founder and CEO Alexi Venneri first saw the need for auto dealerships to connect with consumers where they spend their time: on social media. The company revolutionized the way social media and review sites help both consumers and dealerships in the vehicle purchase process and build customer loyalty.

DeLillo Chevrolet in Huntington Beach, California, uses Digital Air Strike’s social media technology and services to reach car buyers and service customers. During Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders, the dealer received more than 100% increase in its website traffic, 780 new dealership customers visited the dealership’s Facebook page and website (more than double from the previous month), and over 115% of customers revisited the website because of the Facebook posts.

“In Google Analytics, we have noticed a surge in Facebook visits to our website. In the last 30 days, our visits have more than doubled from Facebook,” said Bill Demarest, the marketing manager for DeLillo Chevrolet. “This all came from the posts that Digital Air Strike has been doing for us. I highly recommend Digital Air Strike for social marketing.”

Along with social media, consumers also rely on review sites to learn about products and the companies they’re researching. Checkered Flag Honda in Norfolk, Virginia, wanted to improve their star ratings and get help managing their reputation across top review sites. Using Digital Air Strike’s technology, the dealership was able to get better reputation scores on Google, Edmunds, and

“Digital Air Strike gives us the ability to keep our reputation scores across all of our review sites at a high rating,” said Checkered Flag Honda’s manager. “Their reputation management dashboard gives us the ability to monitor our Net Promoter Score in one easy, organized location.”

Digital Air Strike has continued to develop new technology for consumers to engage businesses better in multiple verticals. This includes credit prequalification and many automation tools to reduce friction in the entire consumer journey. The goal is to let technology do the heavy lifting and allow the business team to do what it does best – build rapport and explain their products and services more efficiently.

Digital Air Strike understands that the path to purchase for consumers isn’t typically a straight line, so keeping them engaged throughout is vital and can be handled by technology. The company’s lead response and consumer-centric marketplace technology include advanced targeting capabilities, enabling even more consumer engagement and re-engagement during the online shopping process by providing AI-powered custom responses to inquiries and 180-day follow-up. Digital Air Strike also helps businesses effectively deliver their messages to customers and prospects through text messaging, which has a much higher “read rate” than email (95% vs. 20%).

Adapting to the changing ways consumers receive information also includes considering tens of millions of households with streaming devices and subscriptions. Digital Air Strike partnered with Amazon to offer ads on streaming platforms, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and over 60 other services, as more consumers have flocked to streaming channels. Research predicts that 60 million households will watch content on their TV exclusively through streaming by 2025. Digital Air Strike’s Amazon OTT streaming ads help businesses promote their products and services to highly targeted audiences of cord-cutters.

Muller Honda Highland Park near Chicago uses OTT ads to promote real-time vehicle inventory to car buyers streaming live sports and top shows.

“OTT ads help us maintain a competitive edge while getting in front of the most engaged shoppers at a low cost,” said Gray Scott, the marketing director for Muller Auto Group. “We had a strong 2020, despite the pandemic and conditions surrounding it, because of our ability to put our message in front of engaged shoppers when they needed to see it the most. For example, our Covid-19 practices were launched two days after a stay-at-home order.”

Liberty Buick and Liberty GMC also use Digital Air Strike’s Amazon OTT ads. With a 97% ad completion rate and more than 56,000 video views completed in just one month, Liberty Auto in Peoria, Arizona, sees more conversion data since the ads are highly targeted using Amazon’s first-party data, including shopping and purchasing behavior.

“Digital Air Strike’s OTT ads with Amazon data are really impactful,” said Jordan Barrett, Digital Marketing Manager, Liberty Buick and Liberty GMC. “Digital Air Strike has done a great job building a product that in the OTT ecosystem will have continued value. The Digital Air Strike ad has scrolling inventory of whatever type of model you’re advertising. It gives dealers a lot of opportunity to present an ad in a less competitive environment with an element that’s always being refreshed.”

Ultimately, Digital Air Strike helps businesses look better online and improve the consumer experience for customers and businesses. The company offers businesses a free custom analysis of their online presence with quick tips for improvement. Request an Intel Report for your business at

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