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Conducting Effective M&A Without a Dedicated Team

Conducting Effective M&A Without a Dedicated Team

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to executing successful M&A deals without a dedicated team? Kison Patel, the CEO and founder of M&A Science and Dealroom, had a recent interview with Alexi Venneri, founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. She shares great insights as to why they are successful even without a dedicated team. Here are some of the highlights;

“Life is too short to work with people you don’t like or aren’t as open as I’d like them to be.” – Alexi Venneri.
Better Ownership

For a company that runs M&A transactions without a dedicated team, Alexi finds that it tends to have better ownership. As previously part of an internal M&A team, she has witnessed firsthand the lack of attachment of the deal team to the transaction. In Digital Air Strike, they tend to be more attached to the deal and have a vested interest to see it through to the end.

Putting an Offer
Before they put on an offer for any transaction, Alexi makes sure that she talks to the Founder or CEO one-on-one. She focuses on the people and the target company’s culture and wants to know what kind of people she will be working with. It is imperative for her to like the people she’s working alongside.

Also, they tend to offer equity as part of their offer. This is why Alexi heavily educates the target company on what their company is all about.

Team Alignment and Integration
For their strong team alignment, it is all attributed to the core value of their organization; Think like an owner. All of their employees have stock options, which means the more the company grows, the more money they will be making.
They do quarterly meetings with new employees to discuss this matter to ensure that they completely understand what their stock option means. This is what ultimately drives everyone else to make the acquisition much more successful.

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