Digital Air Strike Announces Two New CX Technologies to Address Dealership Inventory Challenges - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike Announces Two New CX Technologies to Address Dealership Inventory Challenges

Digital Air Strike Announces Two New CX Technologies to Address Dealership Inventory Challenges

Leveraging A.I. technology, dynamic inventory, and data analytics, new technology enables a more efficient and profitable digital retailing strategy for over 7,000 automotive, R.V., marine, powersports, and motorcycle dealerships nationwide.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., – (June 10, 2021)
Digital Air Strike, the leading consumer engagement technology company, today announced the launch of two new customer experience (CX) technology solutions designed to improve how dealers merchandise their vehicles and convert prospects, all while helping dealers increase inventory levels. Digital Air Strike announced the launch of Response Logix 5.0, the company’s patented Lead Response technology that uses A.I. technology to build prospect-specific websites in real-time, paired with CRM integration to respond to every lead more effectively. Digital Air Strike also launched the new Inventory Maximizer solution to provide a more profitable way to merchandise inventory online.

“Digital Air Strike continues to be forward-thinking and provide technology that improves the customer experience while enabling our dealer group the ability to monitor better and control the online buying process more efficiently,” said Josh Leader, Director at the Sands Automotive Group in Arizona. “We are smarter in acquiring customers thanks to the partnership with Digital Air Strike. Their technology is a crucial component of how we have been able to overcome challenges as our economic environment and industry continues to evolve.”

Digital Air Strike is releasing Response Logix 5.0, the latest version of their patented Lead Response technology which builds a personalized website for every consumer lead within minutes, serving up multiple customized vehicle and payment options to each prospect. This enhances the ability for consumers to “buy online” and helps dealerships compete with online retailers like Carvana and Vroom. Hundreds of dealerships already leverage the solution and are seeing a 56% increase in cars sold through highly targeted and effective lead nurturing communications.

Response Logix 5.0 is part of Digital Air Strike’s Engagement Platform. It integrates with 27 inventory providers, 26 CRM platforms, and five additional data partners, including Fortellis eLeads, Dealertrack Payment Driver, and Cox Automotive VinSolutions. The platform offers an enhanced response cadence that sends multiple personalized responses to every prospect on behalf of the dealership’s designated sales representatives. This is completed seamlessly without the need for human intervention. However, dealership staff is alerted when consumers engage, and they can jump in at any time. Emails are sent to each lead linking to a customized website that is dynamically built in real-time for every prospect, along with AI-driven vehicle suggestions and payment options. Continued email and text communications automatically nurture each prospect, all tailored to each dealership’s existing sales process. This is done while showcasing multiple vehicles of interest to the prospect based on the initial consumer VDP (Vehicle Details Page) inquiry paired with lease and finance payments. Dealer personnel is notified each time the consumer engages with the email or micro-website built for every prospect, giving them an incredible advantage to do additional proactive outreach at the exact time a consumer is in the market to buy before they defect to a competitor.

New enhancements to the Lead Response technology include the ability for dealers to cross-promote alternative vehicle options from across all stores within a dealer group, not just the website or showroom for the store the consumer inquired initially. This gives dealers within their group the ability to showcase an expanded inventory, which is crucial during these times of limited inventory.  This also gives the ability to set additional cadence to continue to nurture the prospect as inventory changes rapidly due to lower new vehicle levels on hand. In addition, the different vehicle options provide even more choices for shoppers to browse vehicles by class and feature, all while enabling a dealer to leverage their full group inventory capabilities to drive sales conversions.

Response Logix 5.0 also presents vehicle buy-back and trade-in valuations through Kelley Blue Book, even if the consumer is only wanting to sell their vehicle to the dealership and is not yet ready to buy. This helps dealers compete with disruptors with their “let us buy your car” campaigns with consumers. Additionally, customized pricing by ZIP code with any other additional dealership-specific and OEM incentives are seamlessly integrated into various pricing rules. Each dealership can set this based on a variety of triggers, including human response or lack thereof by dealership personnel. These enhancements enable dealerships to generate even more effective responses to leads while dealing with lower staff levels due to the continued hiring challenges occurring across North America in all industries.

After acquiring LotVantage’s advanced inventory merchandising capabilities just 120 days ago, Digital Air Strike also announced it had incorporated the LotVantage technology and targeting capabilities into the Digital Air Strike Awareness and Engagement platforms with the launch of the company’s Inventory Maximizer solution. This innovative solution has been developed for automotive, marine, R.V., motorcycle, and powersports dealerships to merchandise more efficiently new and used inventory to generate higher-converting prospects. In addition, inventory Maximizer features advanced inventory merchandising and analytic capabilities to improve attribution insights from digital marketing strategies while expanding the footprint of Digital Air Strike’s network of national and local media, social media, and digital marketing platform partners.

“Digital Air Strike continues to innovate by bringing new technology solutions to help consumers do more of their purchase online,” said Jason Barrie, Chief Product & Strategy Officer with Digital Air Strike. “Digital Air Strike’s recent launches leverage our world-class development team, paired with our extensive knowledge of digital retailing and our large network of platform integration partners. As a result, thousands of dealers are already leveraging our newest solutions to increase profit further while driving efficiency across their inventory merchandising and sales strategies, both when inventory levels are lower and when new vehicle inventory levels rebound.”

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