Digital Air Strike helps businesses improve customer engagement - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike helps businesses improve customer engagement

Digital Air Strike helps businesses improve customer engagement

Digital Air Strike in Scottsdale provides social media, consumer engagement and digital marketing services for various types of companies. The company serves businesses in the U.S. and Canada, including seven large automobile manufacturers.

Digital Air Strike applies targeted advertising campaigns to reach in-market consumers on social media, in addition to using intelligent messaging technology to improve conversations on websites, social media and text messaging.

Christina Wofford, vice president of marketing and communication, said the company started during the recession when companies were cutting back and not spending a lot on marketing.
Wofford said founder Alexi Venneri, who has been a marketer for her entire career, saw a great need for the company because she saw the social networks as an efficient and inexpensive way for businesses to meet customers.

Wofford said the company started with the goal of helping businesses monetize the social sites, turning them into a way to communicate with customers and show what makes them different from an expensive ad on a billboard, newspaper or TV.

“The social sites have evolved and figured out how to make money off businesses who want to reach their customers,” Wofford said. “That’s where the social aspect comes into play. Because they’re so targeted, they’re very beneficial to all businesses. Businesses can really find their ideal consumer and put the right message in front of the right person.”

For the third year in a row, Digital Air Strike topped the list of Phoenix Business Journal’s annual Book of Lists for Social Media Marketing Firms, according to a recent press release.

On Jan. 17, Digital Air Strike announced that it had acquired the assets of the ad tech lead generation company Target Media Partners Interactive and Libra Systems, a software company that simplifies leasing and financing operations for automotive retailers.

“Our goal is to create this complete customer journey and the acquisitions help us do that, especially for the automotive industry, but really for all businesses in general,” Wofford said.

She added that Digital Air Strike helps businesses respond to customer reviews online, including helping businesses address issues when customers express concerns.

Digital Air Strike’s survey technology also helps businesses understand what they need to do better, Wofford said.

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