Digital Air Strike is focusing on company culture - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike is focusing on company culture

Digital Air Strike is focusing on company culture

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June 25, 2021

Technology provider Digital Air Strike has been certified as a Great Place to Work, now for the fourth consecutive year and with the highest score in the company’s history.

With the workplace situation now in the spotlight due in large part to the pandemic, it will be important for businesses to ensure their employees feel they are part of the company culture, and that they can enjoy the benefits.

“Our company culture is very important to us and a reason many people seek to work at Digital Air Strike,” said Co-founder and CEO, Alexi Venneri. “To be recognized for our healthy activities and benefits is another accomplishment of our outstanding team.”

Venneri said the company strives to offer team building and to find ways to give back to its communities, while keeping its employees across the United States healthy.

“Especially during the pandemic, we’ve found safe alternatives to stay connected with our employees to keep our culture alive, all while not having a single case of COVID transmitted through our offices,” said Venneri.

The company offers weekly Zoom yoga classes with Sir Richard Branson’s personal yogi in the British Virgin Islands, monthly awards for doing whatever it takes to move the business forward, and lunches with the CEO. They also provide regular employee-led team-building activities that include one or more charities supported each month, summer half days, and free lunch Fridays.

Furthermore, Digital Air Strike offers home buying assistance, tuition, student loan reimbursement, and retirement planning with company match.

They were also recognized among 82 other Healthiest Employers in the Phoenix, Arizona area, including fellow tech businesses such as Accenture (ranked 6th), Axon Enterprise (ranked 7th), Insight Enterprises (ranked 8th), and Carvana (ranked 15th), based on the company’s news release.

“The health, mental wellness, and financial success of our employees is the focus of our comprehensive and generous benefits program and company culture,” said Deke Keating, Chief People Officer at Digital Air Strike. “Our greatest asset is our team.”

Whatever businesses are able to offer and organize for their employees, especially during the pandemic, will be important in ensuring company culture and mental health remains vibrant.

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