Kelley Blue Book teams with Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike, Kelley Blue Book partner to streamline sales process

Digital Air Strike, Kelley Blue Book partner to streamline sales process

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Consumer engagement technology company Digital Air Strike says a new integration between its artificial intelligence-powered real-time messaging product, Response Path and Kelley Blue Book helps streamline the vehicle-sales process. The company says the integration gives car buyers all the information they need to purchase a vehicle through Response Path on a dealership’s website.

Through Kelley Blue Book, car buyers can request vehicle trade-in values directly in the Response Path intelligent messaging window. Buyers can schedule an appointment, provide contact information and receive a customized price quote on vehicles that interest them.

Dealership incentives, vehicles for sale, contact details and positive customer reviews are also included on Response Path.In addition, Response Path manages leads for dealerships selling vehicles on Facebook Marketplace, and it integrates with Facebook Messenger.

Digital Air Strike co-founder and chief executive officer Alexi Venneri said the methods in which people engage with businesses has changed.

“We developed Response Path to accommodate consumers’ need for immediate access to online shopping information leveraging our cutting-edge technology,” Venneri said in a news release. “Response Path continues to lead the industry in innovation and consumer-focused features that cater to the needs of our dealerships and their customers. The integration with Kelley Blue Book, which is the first vehicle valuation integration of many, allows dealers to expedite the purchase process, keeps car buyers on their website longer, and ultimately sells more vehicles.”

“Leveraging Kelley Blue Book trade-in values, dealers offer their consumers the convenience of market-relevant pricing information and help build confidence in what can be an overwhelming process,” said Kelley Blue Book senior director of syndication Damon Bennett. “With both parties, dealers and shoppers, coming to the table with the same information, it also helps reduce friction and create a mutually beneficial transaction.”

During a free webinar on May 9, Digital Air Strike will show Response Path’s new features. Dealers can register for the webinar at


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