Digital Air Strike Launches Power Text Messaging Tech - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike Launches Power Text Messaging Tech

Digital Air Strike Launches Power Text Messaging Tech

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Digital Air Strike launched Power Text on April 27, providing dealers with the ability to offer timely updates to customers through SMS messages.

The offering pairs with Response Path AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is part of the company’s new Virtual Retailing Program. It allows customers to reply by text messages 24/7, and the AI tech engages with whoever responds to the messages.

“Let technology do the heavy lifting for you,” said Alexi Venneri, Co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “There’s value in selectively leveraging SMS text messaging to broadcast key information to your customers, such as extra precautions you are taking to keep them safe and changes to business hours.”

Digital Air Strike said automated responses and tools like an appointment scheduler (built into the AI technology) allows businesses to focus on customers that need additional assistance, particularly as many dealerships have a limited number of employees or their staff is working remotely. And it allows customers to self-service.

Employees receive alerts by text and email and can reply via the feature’s dashboard. Dealers can also capture all the communication for their records.

“Power Text offers more opportunities to engage with consumers than competitor text offerings because it connects to website chat, Facebook Messenger and the AI-powered chat bots that automate appointment scheduling and many other facets of consumer assistance, for both sales and service,” said the company in a news release. “This is especially helpful for auto dealers, while all small businesses can take advantage of the new texting service.”

The new tool is free for 60 days for clients of the company using Response Path, Response Logix, Video Logix, or Social Logix.

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