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Digital Air Strike to Help Manage Reputation for Military Vehicle Buying Program

Digital Air Strike to Help Manage Reputation for Military Vehicle Buying Program

By Auto Remarketing Staff

Military AutoSource, a vehicle buying program exclusively for the U.S. military community serving overseas, has chosen Digital Air Strike as the official Google My Business and reputation management partner for Military AutoSource’s 77 locations in 22 countries.

Digital Air Strike said it was selected because of its expertise in monitoring, improving and managing businesses’ online reputations.

Digital Air Strike will handle Military AutoSource’s enterprise-level reputation management, review generation and monitoring for its locations in Japan, Korea, Kuwait and throughout Europe. The company will provide reputation management and monitoring services to Military AutoSource and will also ensure optimization of each of Military AutoSource’s 77 Google My Business profiles.

Military AutoSource will also use Digital Air Strike’s Review Surge technology to survey its customers and get feedback about their experience. With the technology, customers who respond positively can post their feedback on top consumer review sites. Military AutoSource’s team will be able to monitor and respond to all customer reviews from a centralized dashboard showing their reputation and star ratings across multiple sites and all locations.

“We are honored and excited Military AutoSource selected Digital Air Strike for this important international partnership,” Digital Air Strike chief revenue officer Dave Venneri said in a news release.

Venneri continued, “As a company that has many former members of the U.S. military on our team, we are proud to serve an organization that works exclusively with the military. We look forward to helping MAS with its goal of having better insight into what customers are saying about their experience around the world while driving positive reviews through our Review Surge technology.”

“I am very impressed with Digital Air Strike’s willingness to work within our needs,” said David Goldring, chairman and chief executive officer of Overseas Military Sales Corp. (dba Military AutoSource).

Goldring continued, “Our only customer is the service members in the United States and overseas, so everything we do is with their unique circumstances and needs in mind to ensure we deliver the experience they deserve. Digital Air Strike’s survey and review generation technology will give us an even better understanding of our customers’ experience with us.”

For almost 60 years, Military AutoSource has helped hundreds of thousands of U.S. military stationed and deployed overseas purchase a U.S. specification vehicle for delivery to select overseas duty stations, or stateside in coordination with their rotation back to the United States.

Partnering with The Exchange and NEXCOM, Military AutoSource operates facilities on military bases around the world, considering the unique demands and realities of military life.

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