Digital Air Strike Virtual Retailing Technology Helps Businesses During COVID-19 - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike Virtual Retailing Technology Helps Businesses During COVID-19

Digital Air Strike Virtual Retailing Technology Helps Businesses During COVID-19

Technology Provided Free of Charge Allows Businesses to Connect Virtually with Consumers While Adhering to Shelter-in-Place and Social Distancing Guidelines.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., – (March 23, 2020) Digital Air Strike, the leading consumer engagement technology company, today announced a new Virtual Retailing Program that allows businesses to interact and transact with customers through video, AI, social media, and automation. The company is offering its video solution, Video Logix, which helps businesses showcase their services, inventory, and social distancing practices free of charge to businesses for 30 days. Digital Air Strike is also sponsoring a “Video of the Week” contest. Businesses can submit their best videos showing how they can assist consumers virtually for a chance to win $500. Videos can be emailed to

Along with Video Logix, the company’s Virtual Retailing Program includes Response Path AI-powered, multi-channel “chat” that engages consumers automatically, 24/7, asks/answers questions, captures lead information, and alerts employees when human interaction is needed. Response Path is paired with Digital Air Strike’s new Power Texting which allows a business to text information immediately and effectively via SMS message to customers. Customers can reply via text and the AI technology of Response Path engages with customers who respond to the Power Texting messages. The company’s Virtual Retailing technology is especially beneficial to businesses considered essential services, including automobile dealerships and home healthcare providers.

“While many businesses may have physical structures closed to public traffic, there are still many opportunities to transact online and virtually with consumers,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “Industries that haven’t traditionally offered online transactions need to adapt quickly to the new customer requirement that will likely become the general preference post pandemic. Consumers want the ability to do more online and our Virtual Retailing solutions give businesses amazing new tools to engage with customers.”

The Virtual Retailing Program allows businesses to provide the same level of service even if employees are working from home or much of the staff has been furloughed or laid off. By automating responses to consumers, the limited or remote staff can focus on consumers needing immediate attention. Response Logix, Digital Air Strike’s patented lead response technology, responds automatically to vehicle price inquiries with multi-vehicle price quotes and custom microsites so that consumers can continue to shop online, get pre-qualified, estimate their vehicle trade-in value, and learn about vehicle features most important to them. The technology also automatically follows up with car buyers for six months helping the dealership stay top of mind while pent-up demand is being created.

The Virtual Retailing Program includes a step-by-step guide for businesses on how to continue to operate in all scenarios, marketing assistance with social network strategies, content, and videos that dealers can use immediately, paired with training and new technology to help automate many of the steps.

Digital Air Strike developed a resources page at with downloadable content for businesses, industry updates, and examples of dealerships using video to communicate with customers. The company also hosts free, best practice webinar presentations about Virtual Retailing and how businesses can implement the strategies immediately. The complete webinar schedule and the ability to request previous presentations can be found at

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