Digital Air Strike's Innovative Mobile App Helps Dealers Reach Customers and Manage Their Online Reputation - Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike’s Innovative Mobile App Helps Dealers Reach Customers and Manage Their Online Reputation

Digital Air Strike’s Innovative Mobile App Helps Dealers Reach Customers and Manage Their Online Reputation

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DAS Mobile App in Dealer Marketing Magazine

Recently, 87% of car buyers and 90% of service customers surveyed in Digital Air Strike’s Sixth Annual Social Media Trends Study said online review sites were the most helpful source of information as it related to selecting a dealership. Negative reviews, low star ratings, and lack of reviews were cited as factors that drive consumers away from one dealership and to competitors who are performing better.

Monitoring and managing your online reputation is a full-time job, which is why more than 3,000 dealerships and top OEMs trust Digital Air Strike™ to take care of it for them. The Digital Air Strike (DAS) Mobile App is literally the hands-on best tool for real-time monitoring, managing, and improving your reputation while giving your dealership team an easy way to contact your customers.

A recent study showed 98% of text messages are read within two minutes. With that in mind, the DAS Mobile App’s newest feature, Mobile Review Surge, allows dealers to text requests for feedback and generate new reviews from happy customers. The instant feedback is helping dealers improve their online reputations quickly.

Justin Saavedra is the internet sales manager at Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando and uses Mobile Review Surge through the DAS Mobile App. He says, “With the help of Digital Air Strike, we were able to help drive 142 reviews in just one month by using their Mobile Review Surge technology.”

While providing customers the chance to give feedback, the DAS Mobile App also gives dealership staff the opportunity to respond quickly.

As customer surveys are returned and reviews are posted to top review sites, the user can post a response and even call, email, or text the customer directly from the App. A quick response can keep small issues from turning into a major problem.

Besides reviews and survey responses, DAS Mobile App users can also see individual staff ratings and referrals in real time to know who is a five-star team member and who needs some coaching. The DAS Mobile App also highlights a dealership’s Loyalty Score, which indicates how likely a customer is to refer someone to a business.

The DAS Mobile App also helps in the hiring and recruiting process by showing when an application has been submitted for an open position, as well as employee reviews on recruiting sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Actionable, centralized, and easy-to-use are the best ways to describe the DAS Mobile App, which is available on all devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows — even as an app on the Apple Watch.

Take Your Reputation With You

DAS Mobile App Includes:

  • Instant feedback and increased positive reviews with Mobile Review Surge text review requests
  • Reviews, surveys, responses, and social media activity — all in one place
  • Real-time reviews and customer survey notifications displayed
  • Most recent surveys with rating, type, and referral score
  • 30-day survey reporting including star-rating breakdown
  • 30-day review reporting including star-rating and site breakdown
  • At a glace sales and service customer feedback with “click to call, email, or text” features
  • Individual staff ratings and referrals in real time — know who is a five-star team member and who is not
  • Recruiting and hiring assistance, with applicant notifications and employer review site management
  • Available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices

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