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Exclusive Partnership With MerchantCircle

This First-of-Its-Kind Integration for the Automotive Industry Will Optimize Online Business Listings, Increase Four and Five Star Review Ratings, and Improve the Consumer Review Experience for Auto Dealerships

SCOTTSDALE, AZ-(January 23, 2015) – Digital Air Strike™, the automotive social media and digital engagement company, today announced another new partnership with a leading online social network for local business owners, MerchantCircle, a division of Reply! Inc.

This collaboration leverages Digital Air Strike™’s innovative survey technology to integrate with MerchantCircle’s listings and reviews platform seamlessly to allow auto dealerships to provide an easier, more automated method for posting car buyer / owner reviews.

This integration is available exclusively through Digital Air Strike™’s Review Surge™ solution, which automatically generates a survey after a customer buys or services a vehicle at a dealership. After the consumer finishes the brief survey they can indicate if they want to share the review on MerchantCircle. From there, Review Surge™ automatically populates the dealership’s listing with the customer review on

“We are excited about the positive impact the partnership with Digital Air Strike™ will have on local auto dealerships on our platform,” said Pablo Carrega, General Manager, of MerchantCircle. “We have a shared mission to empower small businesses with the vital marketing tools to boost their online reputation and visibility.”

For auto dealerships, this integration not only increases the number and frequency of reviews on MerchantCircle, but it also provides a more accurate and robust view of the dealership customers’ purchase or service experience. This increase of reviews on MerchantCircle will increase the dealership’s visibility on search engines. In addition to the review propagation, Digital Air Strike™ dealerships will have “enhanced” listings on MerchantCircle that block competitor ads on their listings.

For car buyers and owners, this integration provides a simple way to share their experiences through a brief, automated survey. The increased volume of peer reviews and context provided through these surveys gives the consumer a more accurate view of the dealership with which they are considering doing business.

MerchantCircle is the third major partnership like this for dealerships who work with Digital Air Strike™. Digital Air Strike™ dealerships already benefit from similar integrations with leading auto review sites and

“We have already benefitted from Digital Air Strike™’s existing partnerships with and and are looking forward to the addition of MerchantCircle. The more sites we can get reviews on from our customers, the more customers we have coming into our showroom and service bay,” said Brad Mugg, General Manager, Conant Automotive Group.”

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