Fastest Growing Company to Watch 2019 - Digital Air Strike

Fastest Growing Company to Watch 2019

Fastest Growing Company to Watch 2019

Digital Air Strike is honored to be selected as one of the “30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019” by CIO Bulletin. As a pioneer in social media marketing, intelligent lead response and consumer engagement technology, the company is consistently looking for new ways to serve its clients. Digital Air Strike helps more than 5,000 businesses better engage consumers and increase conversions in digital and social media environments while gener­ating measurable ROI.

Digital Air Strike has grown tremendously since it was founded in 2010. What began as a start-up from Co-Founder and CEO Alexi Venneri’s kitchen table has since expanded to include 185 employees and five office locations across the United States.

Transforming the Client Experience

Digital Air Strike stays on top of the market by continuously finding new ways to transform the

client experience. The company is driven by its clients, and it stops at nothing to ensure it’s delivering tangible value at all times through continuous innovation. To do this, Digital Air Strike engages in reg­ular research to determine client pain points and delivers solutions that meet their needs. The com­pany’s clients hold efficiency in high regard, and Digital Air Strike makes sure to deliver.

Among the innovations that have significantly increased client efficiency are Digital Air Strike’s social media marketing and online reputation management Social Logix tools. The software solutions in this suite help clients achieve five-star ratings by managing review sites and maximizing client engagement through custom social posts, Google listings, automat­ed texts and surveys. Digital Air Strike understands better than anyone that online reviews can be a business’s greatest sales asset.

In addition to its Social Logix tools, Digital Air Strike now offers even more powerful advertising solutions. The company recently integrated its VDP (Vehicle De­scription Page) Power Social tool into its technology suite that uses Facebook data that helps automo­tive dealers determine who’s inthe market for a vehicle. The tool has been highly successful, with one of Digital Air Strike’s clients receiving more than 55,500 Facebook ad views across three stores, 1,882 unique dealership VDP views and 184 vehiclessold—all in just one month.

VDP Power Social is simple, yet highly effective. For example, if a person is looking for a specific SUV, he or she is taken to a search results page that’s branded by the automotive dealer, and it lists that automotive dealers’ complete inventory on the page. At the very top is the SUV the person clicked on originally, and if that person clicks on that vehicle again, that user will be taken to the VDP on the dealer’s website. The action of clicking twice indicates greater interest. Leads with two points of contact are much more qualified than leads generated by Facebook alone. By combining Facebook’s existing features with technology like VDP Power Social, Digital Air Strike’s dealership clients can maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Strategic Acquisitions

To supplement its own innova­tions, Digital Air Strike enhances its market leadership by seeking out the best technology solutions on the market and selectively acquiring assets that best meet its clients’ needs. Over the last two years, the company has acquired three organizations to add to its leading suite of technology solu­tions, including a chat technology business, an ad-tech lead gener­ation company and a software company that simplifies leasing and financing operations for au­tomotive retailers. The company is dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction throughout the client experience, and its recent acquisitions make that apparent.

As a result of its acquisition strategy, Digital Air Strike nota­bly achieved the integration of its AI-powered intelligent messaging solution, Response Path into its portfolio. This tool helps business­es connect with consumers 24/7 to capture leads when they’re most interested in buying. According to Digital Air Strike’s Seventh Annual Social Media & Online Trend Study, 30% of customers have requested more information or scheduled a service after business hours. Additionally, 47% of customers reported they actually preferred to contact a business through chat. By having 24/7 lead support, businesses no longer risk losing sales due to office hours or low staff availability—they can nurture leads without any obstacles.

Efficiency, innovation and client satisfaction are at the forefront of Digital Air Strike’s continuous success.

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