Digital Air Strike Featured In The New York Times For 2020 Holiday Parties

Getting Creative for the 2020 Office Holiday Party

Getting Creative for the 2020 Office Holiday Party

Because yet another Google hangout is not going to cut it.

By Nicole Pajer, Dec. 3, 2020

The New York Times featured Digital Air Strike and other businesses across the country who were hosting unique, in-person holiday parties. The story centered on why companies were still hosting in-person parties amid the pandemic and how they were changing up the parties to make sure their employees are safe.

Here’s what they wrote about Digital Air Strike:
Digital Air Strike, a consumer engagement technology company in Scottsdale, Ariz., is, according to the C.E.O. Alexi Venneri, saying “Giddy-up to 2020” with a party at MacDonald’s Ranch. Seventy staff members in Western attire will “choose their own adventure: explore the desert on horseback, relax on a hayride or ride in their very own stagecoach,” she said.

In the past, the company, known for its once-in-a-lifetime client appreciation parties at the National Automobile Dealers Association conferences, has had holiday boat rides around the San Francisco Bay with Vanilla Ice and Quiet Riot performing and partied with Wayne Newton at his estate in Las Vegas. This year, for the employee holiday party, the company is requiring employees to stay outdoors, wear custom face coverings and is prohibiting spouses or dates. “We will feel very safe, especially since we are spreading out all the activities,” Ms. Venneri, 49, said.

Read the full article online here.

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