Giving up Hardball for a Career in Digital Marketing - Digital Air Strike

Giving up Hardball for a Career in Digital Marketing

Giving up Hardball for a Career in Digital Marketing

What was your introduction to technology possibly being a career: As director of marketing for the Seattle Mariners, I helped source and launch new technology when we built our ballpark, including a way to order food at your seat and play in-park games on your mobile device.

What do you see as your biggest accomplishment in the technology field: Having the foresight to start a company that monetizes social media for businesses after I tried and failed to find any technology that would do this when I was running an advertising agency.

What has surprised you most regarding the growth of technology during your career: The speed at which social advertising, especially on mobile devices, has totally transformed the way we can target and reach consumers.

What do you see as the next big thing in tech: Autonomous vehicles and the concept of shared use/mobility is going to totally transform transportation technology and how marketers can leverage in-vehicle technology to reach consumers.

What makes a good leader in the technology field: You need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to be truly dual focused so you stay engaged in the details of enhancing the technology you have or are building while you continually look forward to helping invent the next big thing.

What great sci-fi item would you want to exist in the world of computers today: Actual time travel, even if just through virtual reality so you don’t physically travel by virtually you do see the actual era either in the past or the future.

“Star Wars” or “Star Trek,” and why: Touch choice. “Star Trek” for the transporter (for me) but “Star Wars” for the Legos and Xbox video games (for our 5-year-old, of course).

What question do you hear constantly in your company: Hey guys, did you see that X social network just changed X again?

What question do you wish you didn’t hear constantly: We work with a lot of Gen Y team members, so probably hearing them ask questions about something from the ’80’s or ’90’s, such as “What is Run DMC?”

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