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Helping Businesses Attract, Convert & Retain More Customers

Helping Businesses Attract, Convert & Retain More Customers

As featured in DigiTech Insight

October 2021

Auto dealerships have experienced an unpredictable time throughout the pandemic. From closing doors temporarily to in-person sales and investing in new safety measures, to welcoming consumers back and coping with vehicle inventory challenges during the most profitable car market in years: It’s never been a more significant time for dealers to embrace technology and explore new ways to attain and engage consumers.

Digital Air Strike, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based consumer engagement technology company, has been the constant provider helping dealers fill the gaps with technology. The company developed new technology to help clients remain open and safe during Covid-19. By leveraging custom videos, text messaging, social media, AI, and automation, dealers learned how to transact safely with customers and allow consumers to do more researching, shopping, and buying online.

“Digital Air Strike continues to be forward-thinking and provide technology that improves the customer experience while enabling our dealer group the ability to monitor better and control the online buying process more efficiently,” said Josh Leader, director at the Sands Automotive Group in Arizona. “We are smarter in acquiring customers thanks to the partnership with Digital Air Strike. Their technology is a crucial component of how we have been able to overcome challenges as our economic environment and industry continues to evolve.”

Digital Air Strike has been at the forefront of these technological advances and product offerings, providing dealers the needed tools to maneuver through these roller-coaster times swiftly. The company is honored to be named among the 10 Most Admired Tech Companies to Watch in 2021. Digital Air Strike helps more than 7,700 businesses in 32 countries leverage technology to attract, convert, and retain more customers.

“When I began Digital Air Strike from my kitchen table 11 years ago during the Great Recession, we were among the first to recognize that businesses could use social media as a free way to connect to their customers,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “Now, through the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re continuing our passion of helping dealers reach and engage consumers and continue their sales online safely during this economic and health crisis.”

With tens of millions of households turning to streaming devices and subscriptions to watch television shows and movies, Digital Air Strike partnered with Amazon to offer ads on streaming platforms. These streaming TV ads at Amazon Advertising provide dealers the best way to promote their real-time vehicle inventory and services to highly targeted audiences of cord-cutters streaming live sports and top shows.

Toyota of Portland in Portland, Oregon, worked with Digital Air Strike to get more trade-ins due to a lack of inventory. The streaming TV ads service can reach highly targeted customers, ensure ads are fully watched, and receive more conversion data through the streaming services.

“We’ve been so impressed by how well the streaming TV ads have been working we plan to continue advertising with different trade-in messages,” said the general manager of Toyota of Portland. “Digital Air Strike over-delivered on our streaming impressions goal, which we love even more!”

Digital Air Strike launched its Sales Boost solution, a combination of award-winning, patented technology paired with a personalized lead follow-up that provides consumers a more transparent and engaging vehicle buying experience. The company leverages its patented Response Logix lead response technology, Response Path AI intelligent messaging, and Video Logix customized video recording with tracking technology to respond, engage, and nurture vehicle buyers and service customers at the right time they are in the market.

McClinton Automotive Group in Parkersburg, West Virginia, relies on Digital Air Strike’s Sales Boost to manage all inbound leads, outbound calls, and appointment scheduling for sales and service. Through Sales Boost, McClinton has increased gross by 64% since late 2020 while reducing expenses and solving staffing challenges. Digital Air Strike’s technology and services combine to become the dealership’s virtual employee, schedule appointments, and contact every lead in McClinton’s CRM.

“We’re selling more cars and exceeding our sales goals with Digital Air Strike,” said Ginny Bowden, McClinton Auto Group’s dealer principal. “Their Sales Boost handles all of our inbound leads, delivering great results daily. They helped us streamline our budget, saving more than $10,000 a month while yielding better results.”

Digital Air Strike recently released its Response Logix 5.0, the patented lead response technology that uses AI to respond to car shoppers with vehicle and pricing information. Custom offers are created automatically in minutes showcasing the vehicle of interest as well as several similar options. A new feature that is especially relevant with limited inventory is the ability for dealerships to showcase cars from across their group of stores instead of just a single location. The technology automatically follows up with car buyers who don’t purchase immediately to re-engage consumers and showcase new specials or offers.

Carson Nissan is one recent example of a dealership seeing great results with Response Logix. The Nissan dealership near Long Beach, California, relied on Response Logix to follow up with car buyers who’d contacted the dealership about a vehicle. The technology helped the dealership reactivate more than 70 leads in one month. Following up on leads is essential and often falls by the wayside when dealers don’t have the staff or time for consistent outreach. Response Logix handles that follow-up seamlessly.

Digital Air Strike also announced its Inventory Maximizer technology to drive targeted shoppers to dealers’ vehicles. The inventive solution was developed for automotive, marine, RV, motorcycle, and power sports dealerships to efficiently merchandise their new and pre-owned inventory to generate the highest quality customers. Using technology, analytics, and an experienced team to identify the most efficient online platform for dealers to showcase their vehicles – including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – Digital Air Strike’s new inventory solution delivers guaranteed points of contact to ensure the best results and most significant ROI for dealerships.

Digital Air Strike helps dealers improve the consumer experience for customers and businesses through a free Mystery Shop and Intel Report. The Mystery Shop shows auto dealers how their team responds to leads, analyzes the customer experience, and provides strategies to improve the responses to leads and increase sales. The free online reputation audit includes an Intel Report of a company’s entire online presence and offers quick improvements for looking better online and getting more leads. Request the free reports at and

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