Here are Arizona’s 20 biggest software companies - Digital Air Strike

Here are Arizona’s 20 biggest software companies

Here are Arizona’s 20 biggest software companies

Greater Phoenix Economic Council President and CEO Chris Camacho often talks about how Metro Phoenix has evolved into a “tech hub.” Nowhere is that evolution more evident than in the explosive growth of software companies in the Valley. Here are Arizona’s 20 biggest software companies — based on employee count and in alphabetical order — according to Gregslist.

AFS Technologies

What it doesRetail promotion management for consumer products companies

CEO: Joe Bellini

Axon (formerly Taser International)

What it does: Evidence management software and devices for law enforcement

CEO: Rick Smith


What it does: Enterprise integration and EDI technologies

CEO: Patrick Donovan


What it does: Software platform for the healthcare industry

Chairman and CEO:  Brent Shafer

Digital Air Strike

What it does: Digital marketing management tools for small businesses

Co-founder and CEO: Alexi Venneri

Early Warning Services

What it does: Payment and risk protection solutions for financial institutions

CEO: Paul Finch

Enghouse Interactive (Syntellect)

What it does: Multi-channel call center and unified communciations software

Chairman and CEO:  Steve Sadler


What it does: Freight brokerage and trucking logistics

Chairman and CEO:  Renee Krug


What it does: Website domain registration and small business marketing tools

CEO: Aman Bhutani

International Cruise & Excursion

What it does: Platform manages reward programs for the travel industry

CEO and co-founder: John Rowley


What it does: Project management software suite for capital-intensive industries

Chief product officer: Brad Barth


What it does: Supply chain logistics and retail planning software

CEO: Girish Rishi

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

What it does: Sales and marketing automation for small businesses

CEO: Clate Mask


What it does: Unified communications software for businesses

CEO and co-founder: Tomas Gorny


What it does: Full-service home buyer with software platform

CEO and co-founder: Brian Bair


What it does: Integrated CRM and CMS for destination marketing companies

CEO: Ryan George


What it does: SARs, consent and data privacy management

CEO: Kal Somani

Verra Mobility

What it does: Traffic, fleet and vehicle management solutions

CEO: David Roberts


What it does: Asset and facilities management software and services

President and CEO: Jim Reavey


What it does: Electronic medical records software and billing for physical therapists

Co-founder and chief clinical officer: Heidi Jannenga

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