Identifying and correcting problematic gaps in consumer engagement - Digital Air Strike

Identifying and correcting problematic gaps in consumer engagement

Identifying and correcting problematic gaps in consumer engagement

As we look across retail automotive today, many dealers and OEMs are asking how they can provide the most frictionless experience for consumers. On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Alexi Venneri, Co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, join us to discuss today’s trends and how Digital Air Strike is improving consumer engagement.

As chips improve, inventory returns, according to Digital Air Strike’s analysis of recent trends with dealers and OEMs. Since OEMs now oversee consumer communications, the wrong messages get delivered at the wrong time. Sales Boost, a solution created by Digital Air Strike, helps dealers manage a more personalized platform and extends the customer journey. Dealers will have the chance to offer F&I along with Response Logix, a platform designed to help teams connect with customer solutions so dealers won’t have to return deposits and will draw consumers back into the service department.

Venneri states, “We started during a recession, which meant clients were afraid, there wasn’t inventory, and cash for clunkers was a difficult time.” So, open and transparent communication is the foundation of the company. Additionally, our Response Logix sends price quotes for multi-vehicles and verifies payments.

Dealer teams can accomplish more with fewer employees by identifying these problematic habits and looking for gaps. The company has established surveys among dealers that evaluate lead accuracy, whether dealers are asking the right questions, and how quickly they respond to leads. As a result, over 60% of dealers auto-respond to customers, and 33% don’t respond to client leads within one hour.

Additionally, Digital Air Strike audits dealers where it makes sense for them as they evolve. They help dealers address their gaps in every area, in other words. According to Venneri, every aspect of their cutting-edge competitive technology is geared toward helping their clients win. Venneri states that Digital Air Strike will be announcing a significant partnership with a new financing partner at the upcoming NADA show in Dallas to give dealerships more options in tailored communication.

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