Inside the list: Valley software execs talk future of industry - Digital Air Strike

Inside the list: Valley software execs talk future of industry

Inside the list: Valley software execs talk future of industry

By Dale Brown
Research Director
Phoenix Business Journal
Oct 31, 2022, 2:02 pm MST

There may be fewer apps coming from software companies in the future, but they’ll likely do more for consumers and businesses as developers continue to improve on the movement of data and increased uses for artificial intelligence.

In preparing the Software Firms list, we asked company representatives what they expected to be the next big step the software industry takes and asked them to share details on their visions for the future.

“Our vision continues to be developing the leading consumer engagement solutions. We foresee blockchain, cybercrime, the Internet of Things, and AI to continue to have a significant presence. It’s all about how software companies adapt and make technology accessible and affordable so that it helps businesses and consumers move forward. We are also developing more solutions to support the ‘connected consumer’ to have control over their communication with companies. In contrast, businesses leverage data yet remain compliant with consumer privacy laws.” – Alex Venneri, co-founder and CEO, Digital Air Strike

“We have gone through an app expansion in the last five years with more and more mobile app and AI interfaces. The future in software over the next three years will be leaders who are flexible with API connectivity and App reduction. Consolidation will be a focus over the next few years. Companies will look for greater assistance with integration and consolidating apps.” – Ron Babich, partner, CrushIOT

“We believe that there will be more and more forecasting of customer behavior and business intelligence will continue to play an important role, we also predict more automation and robotics replacing the need of human labor.” – Victoria Satran, vice-president of marketing, Computer Guidance Corporation.

On the subject of forecasting the future, we also asked how a recession, which many economists are predicting, would affect their operations.

“Some of our aged employees chose to retire during Covid, now the next wave decided to stay employed due to the recession. We all do feel the concerns and pain of the inflation and recession from employees, management, partners and customers.” – Satran

“Our business has increased with the anticipated recession, with more relying on technology to fill the gap of resource shortage.” – Babich

“Digital Air Strike started during the recession in 2008, as we found our technology becomes even more critical to business owners as they navigate through tough economic times. By leveraging new ways to engage with consumers at a cost-effective price, we help businesses reduce expenses and combat staffing shortages. The Covid pandemic was another reminder we can adapt and provide new features and technology our business clients need to weather the economic turmoil. With an eye to growth, we always look for great teams and technology to add to our company. Even during the pandemic, Digital Air Strike has completed four M&A transactions. If a recession does happen, we will continue to do what we’ve always done best: leverage technology to help our clients provide exceptional consumer experience while reducing expenses in some areas.” – Venneri

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