Leaders in Automotive Digital Marketing – Response Logix and Digital Air Strike™ – Announce Merger - Digital Air Strike

Leaders in Automotive Digital Marketing – Response Logix and Digital Air Strike™ – Announce Merger


Creates Largest Automotive Digital Marketing Company Specializing in Social Media and Lead Response. 

Las Vegas, NV (February 4, 2012) – Response Logix, based in Sunnyvale, California, and Digital Air Strike™, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, today announced at the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) convention a merger of their two companies. The combined company has  two robust business units: Response Logix offering a dynamic prospect-response digital marketing solution and Digital Air Strike™ offering complete social media and reputation management solutions. Both companies were co-founded by dealers and have developed innovative technology that is focused on helping dealerships improve their digital marketing efforts and response times to prospects and customers.

“I’m excited to announce the merger of these two fast-growing, ground-breaking companies,” said Tom Mohr, President and CEO of Response Logix. “I’m especially excited that we have brought together a winning team of innovators and powerful digital marketing solutions that are second to none. We are looking forward to working with our fast-growing network of over 1,100 dealers nationwide to deliver world-class marketing communications, behavioral targeting and social media solutions that give dealers a distinct advantage in today’s online marketplace.”

“This merger brings together two very dynamic companies that complement each other in many ways,” said Alexi Venneri, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Digital Air Strike™, and now also Chief Marketing Officer of the combined company. “In our industry it is all about responding quickly, whether that’s to leads, online reviews or social media prospects. Our combined solution utilizes revolutionary technology and a team of strategic marketers to help dealers respond incredibly quickly and professionally throughout the entire sales and customer lifecycle.”

With the merger, dealers will now have a combined suite of digital marketing communications, behavioral targeting and social media solutions that reside in a “one-stop shop”, delivering an efficient path to a distinct competitive advantage.

The Response Logix product line features the robust automotive Internet lead management tools SmartQuote®, SmartFollow® and RapidTouch. SmartQuote® delivers an information-rich, multi-vehicle price quote to the customer within 10 minutes of lead arrival, 24/7. SmartFollow® provides continuous email and online advertising-based follow-up to prospects for up to 180 days. Through a partnership with a leading automotive call center, RapidTouch ensures that once the quote has been sent, a follow-up phone call is made to the prospect within 45 minutes.

The Digital Air Strike™ product line offers a complete solution to fully manage over 50 social media and review sites. Dealers can select from multiple levels of service including the Defend package for outsourced online reputation management, the Conquer package for proactive social media marketing, and the Dominate package which is a complete solution that offers the broadest combined automotive social media and reputation management solution.

“Our dealership customer base will now have the opportunity to fully engage prospects on social media networks and throughout the lead management process,” said Mohr. “The combination of professional digital marketing messaging and fast response is an incredibly powerful solution for increasing sales and improving customer retention.”

In the near-term the company will operate under both names while leveraging the strength of their combined management team. Dealers using both product lines will benefit from future integration while being able to respond quickly with professional marketing messages to all types of consumer digital engagement, which will result in selling more cars and servicing more vehicles.




About Digital Air Strike™

Digital Air Strike™ is the leading turn-key social media solution in the automotive industry. The company offers multiple social media packages, providing increasing service levels from targeted online reputation management to proactive social media coverage to the most comprehensive social and reputation management solution in the industry, including over 50 sites enhanced and fully managed.  The company’s expertise spans all manufacturer brands and it has a proven track record of helping automotive dealers, dealership groups and OEMs engage with more consumers, improve online reputations and deliver increased website traffic. Additional information is available at www.DigitalAirStrike.com  and at www.facebook.com/digitalairstrike.


The following video provides additional information on ResponseLogix’s merger with Digital Air Strike™ and why social media and reputation management should be a top marketing priority for automotive dealers.

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