New DAS tool leverages credit data to pinpoint best vehicle for potential buyer - Digital Air Strike

New DAS tool leverages credit data to pinpoint best vehicle for potential buyer

New DAS tool leverages credit data to pinpoint best vehicle for potential buyer

LAS VEGAS – Digital Air Strike rolled out two new tools earlier this month, one specifically aimed at shortening the time of vehicle delivery when financing is involved.

After 10 years of monitoring and managing consumer sentiment, Digital Air Strike said it has identified one of the most challenging parts of the in-store experience for consumers is going through the financing process.

The social media, intelligent lead response and consumer engagement technology company highlighted that Credit Logix is an online digital financing tool that automatically can match potential buyers to the vehicles that best match their credit profile.

With that tool, Digital Air Strike believes that dealers can cut deal times to just minutes instead of hours.

Credit Logix can be added to dealership websites through Digital Air Strike’s artificial intelligence messaging technology, Response Path. Directly within the messaging platform and using the built-in artificial intelligence, Credit Logix can perform a credit pre-qualification using the dealer’s preferred credit partner and can show consumers which vehicles in the dealership’s inventory they qualify for based on the customer’s unique credit profile.

“The technology is especially beneficial for consumers with less than perfect credit scores while improving their overall dealership experience,” Digital Air Strike said.

One user who specializes in subprime financing described what the tool did to improve dealership performance in a news release distributed by Digital Air Strike.

“Our Kia store, where we have the most subprime customers, has won DealerRater’s Dealer of the Year six years in a row,” said Jennifer Hurley, buying center director at Royal Automotive Group. “So as far as customer experience, Credit Logix enhances that for us. We present the right cars up front quickly, and the customers are happy.”

The company’s other new solution is Video Logix, a video engagement tool that can allow dealers to include personalized video messages in their customer communication.

“Digital Air Strike’s commitment to innovation focuses on improving the customer experience while helping dealers generate more revenue, which now includes a very innovative way to match the right vehicle to the right credit profile,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and chief executive officer of Digital Air Strike. “We have also seen that video is the best way to engage consumers during the digital retailing process.

“Our Video Logix technology increases transparency and trust while boosting appointment ratios by four times and show-to-close ratios by 10 times,” Venneri continued. “Digital Air Strike has created an easy-to-use solution, and we will even do the execution as well. It’s the automotive industry’s first Tier III managed video engagement solution.”


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