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Response Logix® – Digital Air Strike™ Create Largest Automotive Digital Marketing Company

On February 4 at the NADA conference Response Logix® President and CEO Tom Mohr announced a merger with Digital Air Strike™.

The merger of these two companies is a sign of the customer-centric direction that marketing has taken. Gone are the days of pure advertising. Today’s consumer is on the web, shopping by recommendations from peers rather than ads and marketing. They trust social media, peer reviews and direct contact with the dealership. Response Logix® has become an all-encompassing marketing solution for the modern auto dealer. From reputation management and social engagement to lead response, consumer follow up and Hyper-retargeting advertising, Response Logix® and Digital Air Strike™ stand poised to help dealers strike fast, market well and sell more.

“In our industry it is all about responding quickly, whether that’s to leads, online reviews or social media prospects. Our combined solution utilizes revolutionary technology and a team of strategic marketers to help dealers respond incredibly quickly and professionally throughout the entire sales and customer lifecycle,” said Digital Air Strike™ founder and COO Alexi Venneri.

Digital Air Strike™ provides social media management and proactive reputation management for auto dealers across the United States.

“I’m especially excited that we have brought together a winning team of innovators and powerful digital marketing solutions that are second to none. We are looking forward to working with our fast-growing network of over 1,100 dealers nationwide to deliver world-class marketing communications, behavioral targeting and social media solutions that give dealers a distinct advantage in today’s online marketplace,” Mohr said.

Response Logix® provides a robust lead response solution with multi-channel follow up and analytic reporting for auto dealers.


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